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Why Brilliant Seeds

In nature, every tree is unique.

We would not think of asking a tree to be something other than what it is. You would not say to a tree: “Please be taller”, “Have bigger leaves”, or “Change the color of your trunk.” We know a tree cannot be different than what it is.

However, we do this with ourselves and others. We ask ourselves and others to be different than who we are by nature: more analytical, less sensitive, more extroverted, and the list goes on and on. We ask ourselves to be different than who we are at the core. And we ask ourselves to fit into work that is not aligned with who we are. It is like asking an oak tree to be a pine tree. We force ourselves to be a different kind of tree than the one we are naturally at the core.


The essence of a tree is contained in its seeds.

Everything that the tree is, its essence and what the tree is becoming, is contained in its seeds. Similarly, at Brilliant Seeds, we believe that we all have a core essence that is inborn and inherently part of who we are. This core essence are our natural gifts, talents, and passions. We all have natural and unique talents. These are our brilliant seeds.


Uncover your brilliance. Do the work you love.

At Brilliant Seeds, our mission is to help you find and do the Work that is aligned with who you really are. We help you uncover your natural talents and passions, so that your work grows organically from who you are rather than doing work based on external criteria. We help you become the amazing, brilliant, and unique tree you are meant to be, and do the work you truly love.


Our unique approach

Our approach relies on the following aspects:

  • We build from your passions, the things you are naturally drawn to, and your unique qualities and strengths. These are at the core of who you are and gives the direction of your life’s work.
  • We create a space that gives you full permission to explore your true dreams and passions, whatever they are.
  • We follow a process that honors your own pace, needs and the emotions that show up for you along the way.
  • We use a combination of coaching conversations, profound self-discovery, visualization, assessments, and personal reflection in between sessions.

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