Discover Your Life’s Work

This program is for you if you…

  •  feel stuck in career and don’t see a clear path forward
  • want to find and do the work you love
  • want to contribute to something meaningful in your work

The coaching program includes the following elements. The order and exact content is adapted to suit your specific needs.

  • Vision of what you want
  • Values: What you need to be fulfilled
  • Passions: What you love doing.
  • Strengths and unique qualities: What are you naturally good at.
  • Purpose and unique contributions to the world. How do you want to contribute to the world?
  • Careers or next steps in alignment with your values, passions, strengths, and purpose
  • Action plan

(Some of the content of this program is based on Inspired On Demand)

  • discover your life’s work
  • get clear on the career path that is a good fit
  • gain confidence in the direction to take
  • gain a compass for life to make your career decisions now and in the future
  • be crystal clear about your unique strengths, qualities, and passions
Coaching format
  • Three Month Coaching Package: 9 – 60 minute sessions offered in person or via Skype or phone worldwide. (If necessary, the format can be adapted to your specific needs and pace)
  • Available worldwide, in English or French
  • We start from what you are passionate about, what fulfills you, your unique qualities and strengths to help you identify career or next steps that would be meaningful and that would make you happy and successful.
  • We use a combination of coaching conversations, profound self-discovery, exercises, assessments, and personal reflection in between sessions.
  • We use a holistic view of your passions, strengths, and values, whether professional or personal, to expand the range of possibilities
  • We adapt the process to your own pace, needs and what shows up for you along the way.
  • We help you set aside limiting beliefs to look at the full range of possibilities
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