Why I do this work

Why I do this work

This one really touched me…

I just received a few five-star reviews from clients who just graduated from my signature Land the Career You Love 1:1 program.

This part below really touched me as it encapsulates why I do the work I do and why it is so important to me.

“After 20 years of climbing the ladder, feeling exhausted, and not feeling appreciated. I was mentally done with no idea what to do. I hired a few career coaches, that didn’t help.

BUT — Then, I found Isabelle or should I say “she found me”. Isabelle was my guiding light to finding me. […] She truly helped me, understand me, that authentic me, what makes me happy, me.”

I’m here to help you find that true authentic you that has been buried under years, often decades of social pressure, family pressure, toxic indicators of success, and more.

 If you, or someone you know, is stuck in work you hate, this is why. Don’t look any further.

Unlocking your true authentic you is the key to discovering the work of your dreams.

This is my mission.


Are you feeling this too? (Video inside)

Are you feeling this too? (Video inside)

Do you feel “dumb” at work?
or a variation of it—unproductive, slow, lazy, doubting yourself constantly

If so, you are not alone!

I did a video on the topic last year and this is the MOST watched, liked, and commented video on my YouTube channel.

Feeling “dumb” at work is often a symptom that the work you are doing is NOT the right fit for you.

Watch the video to hear more.

You don’t have to feel that way!

I know it. I used to feel that way at work. I don’t anymore. 


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P.P.S. One of the 3 spots I had open for new clients was taken. I have 2 spots left for my “Land the Career You Love” 1:1 coaching program. Is one for you or someone you know?

I found my tribe… and how you can too (pics inside)

I found my tribe… and how you can too (pics inside)

Do you know what is an added benefit of reinventing your career to do work you love?

Well, you find your tribe.

  • people in your life you fully resonate with.
  • like-minded people who are interested in the same things.
  • people who love what you love.
  • people you can be 100% yourself with.

Imagine…. how would that feel like for you?

This is what has happened for me on my journey to reinventing my career and keeps happening even now. It happens for many of my clients too.

Let me show you in pictures.

In Santa Fe (New Mexico), with other Visionary women who share my passion for making a difference in the world with our gifts.

In Los Angeles (California), with my spiritual community for a conference. People who share my passion for spiritual growth.

In Pacifica (California), With amazing business owners like me. We meet for a 3-day retreat twice a year to support each other in our business development and in our life.

In Santa Barbara (California), among other amazing women visionaries committed to bringing their gifts to making the world a better place.

And the list of pictures goes on and on….

 My life is literally overflowing with communities of like-minded people. 
So much that I have barely enough time in my calendar to connect with all….

Quite the opposite of what I was feeling when I was in my previous career, working in Tech. Not that there is nothing wrong with Tech. If this is your true passion, this is wonderful! You probably have found your tribe.

But like any career field, when this is not your true passion, you can feel quite lonely and isolated at timeseven thinking there is something weird or abnormal about you.

Can you relate?

Well, I remember feeling that way often.

  • I did not have many people who shared my interest for personal growth and deep authentic conversation, either at work and even outside of work.
  • I was craving something that I could not get anywhere.
  • I felt lonely.
  • I thought: “maybe there is something wrong with me that I feel this way”. “I am too shy”, “I am weird”, “I’m too introverted,” I should be better at small talks,” “I should work harder to make more connections.”

I did not realize that I was just not in my element. Like a fish that is outside of the water.

….There was nothing wrong with me. I was just not where I am meant to thrive.

  • I did not know, so I doubted that I could even find a place with like-minded people, people who could talk about personal and spiritual growth for hours. Go deep, talk about how they feel, be vulnerable, and real.
  • I thought this place did not exist. Because I could not see anything like that around me.

This is only when I started on my path to reinventing my career, and studying life coaching that I realized that there were people like me. 

I started finding them, one person at a time.

And the more I got immersed in my passions, by taking classes, attending mindfulness conferences, and then ultimately starting my own business, the more I would meet MY people, people from my tribe.

Can you relate? 

  • Do you feel lonely and isolated in your work or life?
  • Do you think there are no people like you in the world?

Well, I can tell you: IT’S NOT TRUE.

It is simply because you don’t see them yet; you are not in the right circles to find them.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

Let me say that again.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

Breathe that in.

Start your journey, do more of what you love, and you’ll find them naturally, one person at a time. …. and meeting them will help you step into your true self even more.

Finding work you love is more than a career journey, it is a journey of finding yourself, your tribe, and thriving in your life at all levels.

I know. I have experienced it.

it is why I created a group program to support people wanting to reinvent their career. To make it easier for people in career transition to find their tribe. To facilitate that process.

And my clients who are part of it are loving the community support. It does make a difference.

What is one step you are going to take this week to do more of what you love and be more in touch with your tribe?

Let me know. Hit reply and share with me.

Sending blessings on your journey,

You got this!