10 years ago I had a dream of becoming fully bilingual in French/English. As I’m listening to a training call in English right now and taking notes, I’m realizing my dream is now a reality! English is 100% part of my personal and professional life, without even me paying attention to it. What are things that you wanted to achieve 5 or 10 years ago and that are now fully part of your life?

Take the time to pause, inquire, and acknowledge yourself. We tend to focus so much on the things we haven’t done, that we forget to look at the things we have actually achieved.

Pause, be curious, and acknowledge yourself for where you are now. I’m sure there is a lot you have done that you take for granted.

By some interesting twist, we tend to take for granted our successes (and minimize them) and put all our attention on what we haven’t done yet. By doing that, we increase our feeling of unsatisfaction. We have a bias toward the negative. We can change that!