“This is the first time in my life I’m allowing myself to dream. It’s good to take care of myself that way.”

This is what a client of mine said in our 1:1 session this week after two months of working together.

Read her story below or go directly to the video at the end of this article. 


She is in her mid-thirties and has been successful in her career, but has had a pattern of putting others first and trying to please everybody except herself.

  • As a result, she has lost the sense of who she is, what makes her happy, and what she truly desires.
  • When we started working together two months ago, she was unhappy in her work but had no clue what kind of career would make her happy. 

After two months of diving into her authentic self through guided exercises, visualizations, powerful self-discovery activities:

  • her true desires and dreams are starting to resurface.
  • And she is starting to have visions of potential dream careers she would like to do, something she NEVER HAD BEFORE in her entire life.

This is beautiful to witness.

And the beauty of it is that this is coming all from inside of her, from her own intuition, and inner guidance she is learning to listen to.

It is HER OWN TRUTHnot someone’s else truth for her, not even my truth.

If you want to live the work and life of your dreams, you have to access YOUR OWN TRUTH

That’s it.

… and STOP asking someone else’s truth for you.


… whether it’s your friend, your spouse, your parents, your manager, or even your coach!

Yes, even your coach! That’s right!

Oh, shocker, your coach cannot tell you what you should do with your work and life??!!

NO, and they should not

Unless you want to stay disempowered and lost by expecting others to tell you what to do.

A good coach:

  • guides you to re-access your own inner knowing and trust your own answers.
  • gives you powerful tools and guidance to do that.
  • shows you when you are listening or not listening to your own inner guidance. So that long term, you are empowered to do that by yourself.

This is what I do with my clients.

So, let me ask you this:

  • Do you know how to access your own inner guidance?
  • Are you allowing yourself to dream

Take the time to ponder that right now.

It is SO important in all areas of your life.

This is the PREREQUISITE to doing the Work you absolutely love and having the life of your dreams.

Until you can access your inner guidance and allow yourself to dream, you won’t be able to find work you truly truly love. 

It starts from INSIDE, not outside.

Watch one of my most popular 4-min video below to hear more about how to allow yourself to dream.

To you finding your OWN TRUTH and allowing yourself to dream!

This is my deepest desire for you.


P.S. Comment below and let me know what you are discovering. I want to hear and cheer you on!