Last Fall, after a visualization we did in our 1:1 session, my client Carla was in tears.

When I asked her about it, she said…

…. she was feeling the pain of the Earth. She was crying for the Earth.

It was during all the wildfires that affected California.

Photo Credit: Power Up for Climate Solutions

The Earth, Our Earth is hurting. 

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

Can you feel it, Isabelle?

If so, PLEASE read on and support Carla in her initiative to help our Planet.

There are concrete and super easy ways you can do that NOW.

Carla’s life purpose is to advocate for the healing of the Planet and our relationship with the natural world.

When we started working together a year ago: 

  • Carla was feeling very poorly about her career future; her self-confidence was extremely low.
  • She didn’t know what she wanted to do next.
  • She was discouraged and feeling very bleak.
  • She didn’t believe that she could find something really fulfilling for work
  • and if she did find it, she didn’t believe she could get hired to do it.

After 6 months of work together within the Roadmap To A Career You Love program and beyond, so much has shifted for her:

  • she regained her confidence
  • she felt a lot more in touch with her strengths and skills.
  • she became totally clear about what she wanted to do next
  • she still had some fears but the fears did not stop her from pursuing her dream:

Starting her non-profit to “activate and unite the quiet majority to solve climate change.”

She went for it and started her non-profit!

She is now gathering a community to support her mission and is taking donations.

Here are ways you can support Carla and her initiative:

Please take a few minutes of your day right now to do one of these things.

Your action, however small, is helping in HEALING the Earth.

Let’s do this together.

We can do it if we all participate!