Exciting news!


My message “You are beautiful” (see picture) is one of the five finalists of the Inspiration Campaign here in San Francisco!!

The one that gets the most votes will be displayed on a giant billboard in the streets of San Francisco to inspire the city and the world! Yes, that’s right: on a giant billboard!

The idea is to bring inspirational and people-powered mass media into the world to create positive change.

I need your help to spread the word! 

Vote for my message to inspire the world and remind all of us how beautiful we are at the core.

Vote here: http://www.inspirationcampaign.com/vote/

YOU are beautiful

I deeply believe that each human being on this planet — each one of us with no exception — is beautiful.

We all have a unique brilliance deep inside of us, formed from our unique gifts and talents. Not only our talents and gifts are beautiful but also our humanity, vulnerability, fears, emotions, and how much we are able to love. It is because we are human and we care, that we are also scared, sad, and angry at times. All of this is part of being human.

As a career and life purpose coach, I see this beauty in each person I come in contact with. It saddens me that so many of us don’t see how beautiful we and others are at the core, because we focus so much on our flaws. I want all of us to see this beauty, and to develop compassion for our humanity and “imperfections.” The more we are able to see the beauty in ourselves and develop self-compassion, the more we are able to see the beauty in others and develop compassion for them instead of rejecting them.

This is why this message is so important. It brings peace inside and peace in the world by allowing acceptance for our brilliance and humanity.

Spread the word with me!