What are your career blindspots?

What are your career blindspots?

What are the blindspots holding back your career growth and fulfillment?

With my clients, I see two main types of blind posts blocking them from achieving the career of their dreams.

In this video, I’m sharing what are these blindspots and how to transform them.



If you watch until the end, I’ll share with you how you can sign up for my free 25-minute audit of your career blind posts.

In this call, you will uncover:

  • the main blind spots holding back your career growth and fulfillment.
  • some powerful actions you can take right away to transform these blindspots.

Enjoy and let me know what you find out.

NEW offerings!

NEW offerings!

I’m excited to introduce some new offerings!

These offerings are based on my own personal and professional journey in the past three years.

I’ve USED these tools PERSONALLY to improve my own career and life.

Everything I do with my clients, I’ve tried myself first.

I WON’T recommend anything I have NOT tried and or that does not yield RESULTS. 

Rewind three years ago, I had done a LOT of work on myself for fifteen years; I thought I was pretty much “done.”

… until I came across two powerful modalities through a workshop I attended.

Then, I realized, that despite all the work I had done on myself and the great progress I had seen, there were some habitual and unconscious patterns I was stuck into that impeded the next stage of my evolution in work, life, and relationships.

These modalities helped me:

  1. Identify these patterns and blindspots with incredible accuracy.
  2. Significantly transform them, when other modalities had failed to do so.

For the past three years, I dived deeply into them, both for my own personal growth and for my professional development as a coach.

These have LITERALLY transformed my life, my work, and my relationships for the better. 

  • All my business and personal relationships drastically improved.
  • My confidence took a leap.
  • I am owning my truth and my own voice with so much more ease.
  • I am freer to be myself in most of my interactions.
  • Some of my harshest inner critic voices are gone.
  • I don’t believe anymore the limiting beliefs that were unconsciously running my thoughts and behaviors  (such as “I’m not enough”, “something is wrong with me”, or “I am different and alone”).

These modalities have also made a BIG difference for my clients.

As a result, my clients…

  • significantly increased their ability to focus, and follow through on their career goals.
  • stepped into the talents they had lost touch with for years or even decades.
  • ask for what they want and set boundaries with more ease.
  • increased their self-worth and confidence.
  • freed themselves from the “shoulds” and social conditioning to forge their own path.
  • transformed internal critical voices into voices of appreciation and self-acceptance.
  • are more comfortable with taking risks, making mistakes, and failing,
  • are more authentic, vulnerable, and comfortable feeling and expressing their emotions.
  • are more comfortable facing their fears.

This is why I decided to open these modalities to EVERYONE, whether you are a new, current, or past client AND whether you want to reinvent your career or not.

Introducing The Enneagram and Shadow Work…

Below are ways to take advantage of them.
As part of the launch of these offerings, I’m offering a significant discount If you sign up by October 31

  • Enneagram Discovery Package – A bundle of two sessions to uncover your Enneagram Type, your main defeating patterns and blindspots, how they are impeding your career, life, and relationships, and how to transform them.
  • Enneagram Discovery & Transformation Package –  which includes:
    • The Enneagram Discovery Package above
    • A series of sessions to transform your main defeating patterns and blindspots and reach your career, life, and relationship goals with more ease. Includes different modalities such as shadow and part work.

** BONUS ** for new and past clients (until October 31)
If you are a new or past client who sign up for my Roadmap to the Career You Love, Land the Career You Love, or Career Coaching Extension Programs by October 31, you will get the Enneagram Discovery Package as a BONUS at no additional charge. 

If you are curious and want to learn more, email me and I’ll send you more info.

To the liberation of your full potential,