I’m speaking, will you be there?

I’m speaking, will you be there?

Do you remember that time last year when, following my intuition, I submitted a proposal to speak at an International Conference only five min before the deadline?

If not, you can check the story here. It’s a fun one! I shared four key learnings on how to follow your intuition to make decisions.

Guess what?

My proposal got accepted!!! 

I’ll be speaking at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference this July in San Francisco!

My topic will be “Ignite Purposeful Work: Harnessing the Combined Power of Enneagram and Myers-Briggs.

I’m excited about it because the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs are two of the tools I use, among many others, to help my clients, high-achieving professionals, managers, and executives, discover and actualize their next purposeful work.

When used well and at the right time in the process, these tools can lead to tremendous results in helping my clients discover the work they are here to do and how to make it happen. This is what I learned through my ten years of combined experience using the two systems with my clients.

Here is what my past clients Adam and Ryan say about it…

“Isabelle’s approach is a lot more scientific than I was expecting even though it never loses sight of your intuition and feelings by incorporating mindfulness and visualization exercises. I learned a lot about my personality type which was worth the price of admission alone because it helps in all aspects of my everyday life. I also learned that some of my perceived weaknesses were in fact manifestations of misunderstood or ignored strengths. At the end of the process, I was able to confidently negotiate a unique role and arrangement with my current employer that broke the mold for typical corporate job descriptions but fit my personality and work habits so well that my boss was 100% supportive and I am living a more fulfilling life. Thank you Isabelle!”

– Adam D., Oakland, California

“Isabelle’s process of identifying the “personal blueprint,” using tools very different from the traditional Myers-Briggs personality typing, brought tremendous insight into aspects of my personality that were huge assets and strengths that I had previous taken for granted [..].  It also helped me to become comfortable with what didn’t come naturally to me in a way no other personal development work I’d ever done had been able to do.  For the first time, I was able to take seriously the often extremely powerful feedback I had gotten from others and fully accept that the aspects of myself […] that I had previously overlooked, undervalued or simply denied were very real and in fact powerful. This sent me on a journey of self-development that ended in not abandoning my career at all, but being able to see it in a completely new way.  That has allowed me to access resources I didn’t know I had and grow immensely and quickly in my executive leadership role while at the same time also embarking on a new career simultaneously.

– Ryan M., San Francisco, California

This is why I’m so excited to talk about this and I’d love for you to join me at the conference, virtually or in person!

The International Enneagram Association’s global conference will be held in San Francisco, CA USA, July 20-23 and will feature high-quality keynote and endnote speakers, plus over 30 sessions from presenters around the world (including me).

If you can’t join in person, the conference offers a virtual track that will live-stream the keynote, endnote, and selected presentations from the conference. Simultaneous translation will occur in Arabic, Korean and Spanish. Whether you join in person or online, there will be plenty of opportunities for speakers and conferees to interact with each other as a global community.

>> Register before March 31 to get the early bird price!

If you are new to the Enneagram, you can join for the affordable “Discovery Track” which is sure to ignite your passion for the Enneagram. This one-day special offering is designed with the Enneagram novice in mind.

I look forward to connecting with you at the conference or through this email.



P.S. Again – You can learn more and register here!

I just did it… + 4 key learnings for you

I just did it… + 4 key learnings for you

I just DID it! 

5 min before the deadline…

I submitted a proposal to speak at the 2023 International Enneagram Association Global Conference.

Why I’m sharing this with you? 

Well, there are some learnings I want to share with you. 

The deadline to submit was tonight, November 30, at 9 pm Pacific Time.

I had known about it for a month and was planning to apply. I ended up needing some R&R time to rest in mid-November. My personal life took the forefront. The idea of submitting a proposal felt like it was coming from “should” and “ego” rather than authentic inspiration, so I decided not to do it.

Then, yesterday, I woke up and felt a sudden urge to submit a proposal. I received a rush of ideas about my talk, the topic, and even the title. For the next twenty minutes, I jotted down all of it on a piece of paper. It all came to me, so clearly. I felt a level of clarity and confidence about the talk that I had not felt before.

Suddenly, I knew I had to do it. Not from a place of “should” but from intuition and inner knowing. They have a different flavor. Are you able to tell the difference?

Despite the short notice, I listened to the call and gathered the information I needed for the submission process. I knew it was tight but the inner knowing I had to do it was stronger than the time constraints. So, I kept going.

Everything I needed came easily. The three people I contacted for references said yes; they were honored to play that role. I got some fantastic suggestions from my colleagues to improve the title. Finishing the proposal on time was a race against the clock but I did it! And I feel good about it. I followed my intuition and inspiration and took the step I was called to take. Now, it’s out of my hands and I trust the process, whatever the outcome will be.

Here are my learnings for you:

1. Notice the difference between “shoulds”/”have to” and intuition/inspiration.
2. Listen to the latter.
3. Act on it, even if your rational mind may give you all kinds of excuses or reasons why it’s not a good idea (e.g., It’s too late, it’s too short notice, I won’t make it, people will say no, my idea is not good enough, etc)
4. Trust and let go.

How will you apply these this week? 

Comment below and tell me. I want to hear!

NEW offerings!

NEW offerings!

I’m excited to introduce some new offerings!

These offerings are based on my own personal and professional journey in the past three years.

I’ve USED these tools PERSONALLY to improve my own career and life.

Everything I do with my clients, I’ve tried myself first.

I WON’T recommend anything I have NOT tried and or that does not yield RESULTS. 

Rewind three years ago, I had done a LOT of work on myself for fifteen years; I thought I was pretty much “done.”

… until I came across two powerful modalities through a workshop I attended.

Then, I realized, that despite all the work I had done on myself and the great progress I had seen, there were some habitual and unconscious patterns I was stuck into that impeded the next stage of my evolution in work, life, and relationships.

These modalities helped me:

  1. Identify these patterns and blindspots with incredible accuracy.
  2. Significantly transform them, when other modalities had failed to do so.

For the past three years, I dived deeply into them, both for my own personal growth and for my professional development as a coach.

These have LITERALLY transformed my life, my work, and my relationships for the better. 

  • All my business and personal relationships drastically improved.
  • My confidence took a leap.
  • I am owning my truth and my own voice with so much more ease.
  • I am freer to be myself in most of my interactions.
  • Some of my harshest inner critic voices are gone.
  • I don’t believe anymore the limiting beliefs that were unconsciously running my thoughts and behaviors  (such as “I’m not enough”, “something is wrong with me”, or “I am different and alone”).

These modalities have also made a BIG difference for my clients.

As a result, my clients…

  • significantly increased their ability to focus, and follow through on their career goals.
  • stepped into the talents they had lost touch with for years or even decades.
  • ask for what they want and set boundaries with more ease.
  • increased their self-worth and confidence.
  • freed themselves from the “shoulds” and social conditioning to forge their own path.
  • transformed internal critical voices into voices of appreciation and self-acceptance.
  • are more comfortable with taking risks, making mistakes, and failing,
  • are more authentic, vulnerable, and comfortable feeling and expressing their emotions.
  • are more comfortable facing their fears.

This is why I decided to open these modalities to EVERYONE, whether you are a new, current, or past client AND whether you want to reinvent your career or not.

Introducing The Enneagram and Shadow Work…

Below are ways to take advantage of them.
As part of the launch of these offerings, I’m offering a significant discount If you sign up by October 31

  • Enneagram Discovery Package – A bundle of two sessions to uncover your Enneagram Type, your main defeating patterns and blindspots, how they are impeding your career, life, and relationships, and how to transform them.
  • Enneagram Discovery & Transformation Package –  which includes:
    • The Enneagram Discovery Package above
    • A series of sessions to transform your main defeating patterns and blindspots and reach your career, life, and relationship goals with more ease. Includes different modalities such as shadow and part work.

** BONUS ** for new and past clients (until October 31)
If you are a new or past client who sign up for my Roadmap to the Career You Love, Land the Career You Love, or Career Coaching Extension Programs by October 31, you will get the Enneagram Discovery Package as a BONUS at no additional charge. 

If you are curious and want to learn more, email me and I’ll send you more info.

To the liberation of your full potential,