Support and connection for women of color

Support and connection for women of color

I want to introduce you to my colleague, Jessica Denise Dickson, who is offering supportive connection sessions for women of color

If you are a woman of color, I highly recommend you check them out. See more information below. 

If you are not a woman of color, please share broadly to the women of color in your network who could benefit from it. This is a wonderful way to be of support and elevate the voices of our sisters and brothers of color.

If you are a woman of color:

Joining one of these sessions is an opportunity to be in a supportive community with other women of color, find rest for your soul, and be the most authentic version of yourself.

I’ve experienced personally the powerful loving presence and talent of Jessica, and I know the women in these sessions are in for a treat. Her fierce love will hold you no matter what. I highly recommend you check them out. 

Two options are available: 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

You matter


One of the biggest roadblocks to discovering the career you love

One of the biggest roadblocks to discovering the career you love

Do you know what is one of the BIGGEST ROADBLOCKS to discovering the Career You Love? 

….and that I’ve seen in so many of my clients, especially when they seem really stuck.

Well, I can tell you what it is NOT.
It is NOT:
– a lack of clarity (even if people think it is, and at a superficial level it feels that way)
– a lack of skills or talents
– a lack of job or career options out there

Nope, none of that.

Surprising, eh?
Here is what it is:

Some negative beliefs about themselves they took on as a result of painful life experiences (or conditioning) and the story they made around it:

  • “I’m not worthy”
  • “I’m too wild”
  • “I’m not lovable”
  • “I’m not as smart as my brother”
  • “I’m not smart”
  • “I’m weird”
  • “I’m too bossy”
  • “I’m too much”
  • “I’m not creative”
  • I’m not good enough”
  • ….and the list goes on and on.

I’ve seen that in SO MANY of my clients that I cannot ignore it. Many times, there is a point in the process we get there, and it’s when the real breakthrough happens.

Because this is the REAL BLOCK.
It is our perception of who we are that affects what we think we can do.

Let me say that again:

It is our perception of who we are that affects what we think we can do.

Let it sink in.
When we clear that, everything changes. And suddenly, my clients realize that clarity was not the problem. They KNEW ALL ALONG what they truly wanted.
It is the shadow of their old wound that made it blurry for them to see what they truly wanted.
When it’s cleared, they are ready to: Give themselves permission to be who they are and love what they love.

From that place, EVERYTHING becomes possible.

So, here are my question for you:

Deep down, do you hold negative beliefs about yourself? If so, what are they?

Be really honest with yourself. This is an uncomfortable place, but this is a necessary place to explore if you want to create the career and life you truly want.

I know. I’ve been there myself.

And this is why I’m ready to go there with you. This is in the shadow that you will find your light. Sometimes, there is no other way.

But the journey is SO worth it. This is where lasting change happens. I guarantee it. I’ve seen it so many times now.

Are you ready?

I’m ready to go there with you!

Feel free to comment below and share. I am here cheering you on.

I believe in you.


P.S. To your brilliant light that is waiting to soar.

The #1 question to ask yourself to do work you love

The #1 question to ask yourself to do work you love

I have a question for you.

 “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” (Charles Bukowski)

Really take the time to ponder this.

This is probably the most important question you need to ask yourself if you want to be truly fulfilled in your work and in your life.


Well, it’s pretty simple.

If you don’t, your work and life will be aligned with who you think you should be.
…what you think you should love.
…what you think you should be good at.
…what the world thinks you should do to be successful.

Do you think living a life of shoulds will ever make you happy and fulfilled?

Be fully honest.

No, it won’t. Ever.

Or you are lying to yourself. or you are in denial.

Should in one of the biggest killers of happiness and fulfillment. 

So, let me ask you this question again in different ways:

  • Are you able to make the difference between who you truly are and what you think you should be?
  • Between what you love doing and what you think you should love or people say you should love?
  • Between what you are naturally good at and what the society says you should be good at to succeed?

Be honest with yourself.

The only thing that will ever makes you truly fulfilled in your career is doing work that is aligned with who you truly are
…what YOU love doing (not your friends, coworkers, parent, or spouse)
…what YOU are naturally good at.
…what makes YOU feel successful.

There is NO other way.

I can tell you. After working with hundreds of people over the past 5 years.

This is why the first part of my process with my clients is about uncovering their authentic self

Removing the layers of conditioning and going back to your authentic self is the prerequisite to discovering the Work you love.

To your true, authentic, best self!


I used to think this was weird… (This may stop you from doing work you love)

I used to think this was weird… (This may stop you from doing work you love)

  • Do you sometimes think that the thing you love doing is weird? or not cool?
  • or do you discount it, and think you don’t actually have anything you love or any passion?  When people ask you what you enjoy doing, you cannot find an answer.
Well, I did. I used to think what I love was weird and “not cool.” … and this stopped me for a long time from doing the work I love.Since my early twenties, I have been drawn to personal growth. In bookstores (when bookstores where still popular!), I would spend hours in the Personal Help and Psychology section. I would totally dig learning more about me and how I could be more fulfilled in my life.When I went to my first therapy session at age 20, I totally loved it and I loved how I felt after! I discovered how cool it was for me to dig deeper within myself, to travel within, and learn more about how I function, how others function, and  how we can grow.

Yet, I did not think it was a passion, or a least a legitimate one. When people would ask me what I love, I would not think about mentioning it. I thought it was a weird thing to love and I discounted it.

At the time, I could not find anybody who had this passion or who did work related to that passion.

In my family, it was non existent.
In my close communities, I would never heard of it.
In the medias, I rarely heard about it.
At school, it was not mentioned at all.

So I thought it was odd or weird to love it… and that I should love something else, more “normal.”

Like the “traditional” careers I would hear of and see around me:  teacher, doctor, farmer, librarian, nurse, and so on.

I thought I had to choose one of them. There was no other choices.

So, I conformed.

I did the “cool” thing or what society says it is “cool.” Or I did what was available and known to me.

  • First, I chose archeology, more because people thought it was “cool” than because I had a true passion for it.
  • Then, I went into information science and user experience. I worked in the field of user experience for 10 years. There was definitely a part of it that I enjoyed, yet that was not my full passion.
When I would share what I do, I would hear “wow, this is so cool.”But inside, I was doubting if it was really that cool for me…It is only in my mid thirties, when I reached a point I was very unhappy in my work, that I started seriously considering my love for personal development as a potential career path. Growing up, I did not fit into the “traditional career” category because what I loved was different. There was not category for it at least I could not see any. My love for personal development was not valued in my immediate environment and in the mainstream culture.

Can you relate? 

  • Do you discount what you truly love?
  • Do you think what you love is not cool?
  • Do you conform to what others or society think is cool?
  • Do you think that what you love cannot be part of your career?
  • Or do you think you cannot make a living out of it because you don’t know anybody around you doing that?
It is a common block I see with the clients I work with.Well, I am a proof that this is not true. My passion for self-discovery and personal growth is an integral part of my livelihood now. A lot of my friends and acquaintances are people who do the same.Last Friday, I was at the book launch of my friend, Brandon who like me, coaches people to align their lives and careers with their purpose. I was surrounded with so many people like me, who love personal and professional development and work in that field. My tribe! Where I belong.

I don’t feel weird anymore.

So, I know these old beliefs I had were not true. The more I feed my passion for personal growth, the better coach I am. All the classes and books I read helps me in my work. There is no more separation between my passion for personal growth and my work. Both are integrated!

Wow! Imagine…. what that would be like if some of your passions and your work were integrated? 

  • What is a passion you are discounting that is right in front of your eyes? … that is so obvious you cannot see it.
  • or you discount it because you force yourself to fit the traditional career trajectories you see around you or what you hear is “cool.”
Have you even thought they could become an integral part of your work?Don’t let your environment influence you!
It is not because you cannot see it around you, that it does not exist or it is not possible.Whatever it is, I’d love to hear! Please feel free to comment on this post!I have your back.


P.S. Don’t ask what is “sexy” for others, ask what is “sexy” for you. and go and do that!
“Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman