I’m back from Scotland (VIDEO + Pics) and here is what I learned

I’m back from Scotland (VIDEO + Pics) and here is what I learned

I am back from Scotland and it was an experience out of this world!

Truly. The best trip I’ve ever experienced. 

I’m not exaggerating.

Everything I LOVE was “packaged” in one trip. It was bliss after bliss.

My passion for Harry Potter. I took the Hogwarts Express!! (aka The Jacobite train in the Highlands)

My love for beautiful sceneries by the Ocean and Lochs. Here on the Isle of Skye.

My passion for the series Outlander. I went to some magical places where the show was filmed.

And much more! These are only a few of the hundreds pictures I took.

When I think about how much I resisted the decision to go to Scotland in the first place and how scared I was to make it, I am blown away by the contrast between my fears and the reality of what happened. 

None of my fears came to pass. NONE.

And you know what?

If I did not allow myself to move past these fears, I would not have experienced the magic of this trip and all the amazing learnings I gained from it.

This trip changed me and changed my perspective on my life.

So, I thought about you all…

…and of all the dreams and desires you may prevent yourself from having because you are scared or you think they are unreasonable. 

I made this video with you in mind, to help you move past your fears and go for your dreams, whether they are doing the work you love or something else.

(Note: It was originally recorded as a Facebook Live.)

I’d love to hear what you are discovering as you are watching this video. 
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Committed to you living the career and life of your dreams,


At King’s Cross train station in London.