Are you listening to it?

Are you listening to it?

Are you listening to the nudges, the hints you receive?

…to that quiet voice of your intuition, I mentioned in the  4 steps to manifest what you want in 2020.

Well, if you don’t, this is the time you start! 

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this to create the work and life you want.

Maybe you are wondering how to do it or how that looks like.

Well, I just had an experience of it yesterday.  I decided to make a video so that you can get it more clearly.

I listened to the nudge of my intuition and manifested something totally unexpected that I am really excited about.  Something I wanted but did not think I could have. 

I’m sharing the story and tips on how to do it in this video

Watch it and let me know what you learned!

To the manifestation of your dreams in 2021,


4 steps to manifest what you want in 2021

4 steps to manifest what you want in 2021

Last week, I went to the Ocean for some rejuvenation and rest.

As I was walking on the beach, my attention was caught by two women playing in the waves with a wetsuit on.

I had this thought: “wow that sounds fun. I wonder how that feels to go in the water in winter with a wetsuit on.”

I love playing in the Ocean and often wish the water was warm enough all year around to do so.

In the evening, I got this inkling to post on Facebook to ask about people’s experience with wetsuit in winter, and I added that ideally, I would like to try a wetsuit on before buying one to see how that feels.

Several Facebook friends commented on it with some great info. To my surprise, a friend who lives close by offered to lend me her wetsuit.

I messaged her right away and asked if I could borrow it the following day. We were not sure if it would fit me, but we decided to try.

The day after, I tried it on and it fitted me quite well.

I put it on and a couple of hours later, I was playing in the water with a wetsuit, like the women I saw only the day before.

I manifested the vision in only one day!

I even had the joy to swim close to dolphins and seals while in the water.

But the story does not end there…

In the evening, I felt compelled to tell my landlord about it. My landlord loves all kinds of water sports and adventures. I texted him about it without expecting or asking for anything, just for the fun of sharing and because I was called to do so. To my surprise, my landlord replied back that I could borrow his boogie board if I wanted.

So, a few days later, I was back in the Ocean with the wetsuit from my friend and the boogie board from my landlord.

Wow! I never expected that following the hints after seeing these two women in the water would lead me there! But it did.

And there is more to come and unfold from this.

🔷 After that, I got the inspiration of paddleboarding and kayaking with my landlord on the Bay. I texted my landlord and asked him about it. He said he would be happy to go kayaking with me on the Bay (he has two kayaks) and he can give me a guest pass to go paddleboarding in the Berkeley marina.
🔷 I’m also playing with the idea of going to other beaches to play in the water. and buying my own wetsuit.

I’m sure there is more that will unfold as I follow the hints and inspirations I receive. Some big visions for my work and life in 2021 are emerging from this experience. 

This is what happens when you follow your impulses, gut feelings, or intuition. It leads you to manifest things better than what you could have imagined. I see that over and over again for myself and for my clients. 

What does that mean for you?

Well, what I did is follow the exact same steps I recommend my clients to follow when they are in the phase of making their vision for their career and their life a reality. 

There are some of the steps I follow regularly to manifest what I want in my work and in my life.

Here are the 4 steps to manifest with ease:

1. Ensure you are in a state of openness and relaxation, rested, and present. Do whatever you need to be in that state. Go in nature, meditate, etc. whatever works for you. If your mind is busy or you feel scattered, tired, overwhelmed, or rushed, it won’t work.

2. Notice the things, activities, or people that catch your attention and interest. Stay with that interest. Be curious about it.

3. Follow the nudges, hints, or impulses you receive, however small and quiet they are and even if you doubt them or wonder why to follow them. Especially if you doubt them! Your mind will probably resist and bring you all kinds of “rational” reasons why you should not. Don’t listen to it. Just follow the nudge.

4. Take action on opportunities that arise. Don’t delay. Take the opportunity that presents itself in the moment and follow it.

What are YOU going to manifest in 2021?

I can’t wait to hear!


One of my favorite tools to create what you want in 2018

One of my favorite tools to create what you want in 2018

What do you want to create in 2018?

In my last blog, I shared with you a great practice I use to set up my intention for the New Year.

Now that you have your theme for 2018, I want to share with you one of my favorite tools to help you create what you want in 2018.

I’ve used this practice many times with success and most recently to manifest the apartment of my dreams, literally. I did not think it was possible (especially in the crazy competitive rental market of the San Francisco Bay Area) but it happened…

You may know that I live in a beautiful apartment with a breathtaking view on the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, with access to a hot tub and only a few minutes away to a beautiful trail in nature.

Here is the view from my patio.

and the hot tub.

and the trail.

Well, what you may not know is this did not happen by accident! I manifested it intentionally.

You may be skeptical about this “intentional manifesting thing”? I get it. I used to be. I am not anymore. And here is why….

In 2015-16, I spent some time clarifying my ideal home, the one I thought it would take 4 years to manifest.
I envisioned:
– a place with a view on the San Francisco Bay and on the Golden Gate Bridge
– from where I could admire the sunset on the Bay without having to walk at all
– with a hot tub I could go in everyday and admire the view on the Bay and the sunset
– within walking distance to nature and greenery
– where I could eat outside in the sun
and many more things.

I made drawings of my vision (following my mentors’ recommendation).

Haha. below are some of my rudimentary drawings…

I made a list of my vision.

I felt the gratitude for the place I was living in at the time.
I let go of the belief that it was impossible to find a place I like at a reasonable rent.
I did other practices to set the intention of my vision.
I took active steps and look for apartments to rent on Craigslist. I visited places.

and when I was ready to call it quit and make a decision on a less than 100% ideal place.

… this place showed up on Craigslist with, front and central, a picture of the sunset on the Bay.

I went and saw it, and I knew it was mine.
And guess what? In the very competitive Bay Area rental market, the landlords did not even met anybody else than me. We just clicked. This is what happened when this is the right thing.

So, what do you want to create in 2018? Are you clear about what it is? Don’t leave it to chance, be clear and proactive about it!

…and if what you want is a career you love, and you are not clear about it, stay tuned for a great offer coming your way soon to help you clarify the career you love and take steps towards it.

To you creating the life and work you want!


A gift for you on my Birthday

Yesterday was my Birthday! I just turned 40 and I’m excited about it!

Yeah, you read that right I’m actually happy to turn 40. There are several reasons for that.

  •  the first one if that I’ve never been as happy in my life and work as I am now. I do the work that I absolutely love and that is an expression of who I am. There is no other work I would be doing in the world than what I’m doing now. Helping people find the work they absolutely love that is aligned with who they are brings meaning and purpose to my life. I’m also part of an amazing community of friends with whom I can be my crazy authentic loving shining self! And I feel more connected to my family in France than ever.
  • the second one is that I’m proud of the woman I have become and the amazing things I’ve accomplished so far in my life. From a tiny hamlet in the South West of France to Paris, Montreal, and San Francisco Bay Area! I’ve realized most of my dreams: moving from France to Canada and the US, becoming bilingual, working for one of the largest Internet companies in the world, climbing the highest peaks in the US, changing careers to pursue my passion, and founding my own company in the US.

I have a special gift for you! 

I want you to be as excited and happy about your life and work as I am when your next Birthday comes along. I want you to have a career and life that bring deep meaning and fulfillment. A life that you are grateful for and proud of! A life where getting older is not threatening because you don’t have any regrets and you feel alive!

I recorded for you a powerful visualization that helps get in touch with what a meaningful career and life is for you. I do it with my clients and most of them find it very enlightening. Listen to the visualization here and connect with your purpose and meaning.

I’d love to hear what you discover. Feel free to share in the comments below!

To your meaningful life and career! I’m grateful to have you in my life on that special day.

Warm wishes,