I own it. Do you?

I own it. Do you?

I am French American and I LOVE it!! 

I love being bicultural.

I own it.

I am it.

I used to not own it.

Feeling like I had to choose.

Listening to all the judgements and opinions from people, family, society, or even my own.
Real or imaginary.
Internal or external.

“You have to choose.”
“Being bicultural is hard. You feel like you never belong anywhere.”
“You are abandoning your country.”
“You are betraying your native culture.”
“Why did you choose to live so far away from your family?”
“Are you really happy there?”
“It is not true happiness. You are lying to yourself.”
“Where is your home? You have to choose. You have to know.”

Screw that!

I don’t need to choose.

I totally own it and embrace it. 

This is the freedom of choosing who I am and who I want to be, independently of the opinions of people, family, and society.

Let me ask you? What are you choosing to own today?

Yes, you.

Independently of friend’s, family’s, society’s judgments or even your own.

It is amazing how we let others or society’s judgments affect who we are, isn’t it?

Time to let go of all of that.

Time to OWN who you are.

You know…. that thing that you know deep down you are, but you have been hiding to please others.

Look within and make a choice.



Yes, now.

As you are reading this blog.

Stop and reflect.

I see you.

Stop giving your power away to others to define who you are.

It is not worth it.

You are the captain of your own life.

The captain of your destiny.

Nobody else.

But you.

To your freedom,
To the freedom of being who you truly are,


P.S. Please share with me what you are owning. I see and witness you. I stand by your side to own it. Always. This is my commitment to you.