I don’t do “regular” career coaching.

I don’t do “regular” career coaching.

I don’t do quick fixes.
I don’t help you find a career just to bolster your resume. 
I don’t help you find a new career that matches your conditioned notion of “success.”  
I don’t help you find a career based on your current or old conditioning and limiting beliefs.
I don’t help you find your next career based on the market, what jobs or industries are “hot”, what “makes sense”, what you “should do.”
I don’t help you stay in the false belief that something is wrong with you and you must work harder to fix yourself and find work you love.

Because all of these don’t work.
It’s by following these scripts that many high-achieving and “successful” professionals stay stuck in careers that don’t work for them for years, even decades.

 I help you unlock and step into your next-level career dream that allows you to live your purpose and make the difference you are here to make on the planet… without sacrificing your lifestyle and balance. 

As a result of working with me…
My clients start their nonprofit.
They realize their long-time dream of moving to another country and finding their dream career there. 
They are well on the path to their next dream career they will have for the next 25 years.
They find their true calling and North Star, once and for all.
They are crystal clear about the legacy they want to leave behind.
They find the courage and confidence to step into the career of their dreams.
They step into their multiple-career dreams, combining multiple passions into work.
They negotiate their ideal role and schedule in their company and get it. 
They reach career certainty, clarity, and confidence for the first time in their lives.
They uncover their own unique compass to make career decisions for the rest of their lives.
They publish their first book.
They make it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. 
Their work gets showcased in the press.
They start their dream business. 
They unlock the artist within, create their own studio, and start selling their art. 
They make plans to retire early to implement their big visions.
They leave toxic working environments they have been stuck in for decades.
They land some amazing work opportunities because of how aligned they are with their unique talents and purpose.
They create their ultimate dream lifestyle. 
They start living a life truly aligned with their values. 
They discover their authentic self that has been buried under decades of trying to be somebody else.
They heal childhood wounds that years of therapy have not touched or transformed.

When they first come to me…
My clients are scared.
They doubt the process will work for them.
They feel hopeless.
They may be burned out.
They don’t think this is possible for them.

Despite their fears and doubts…
They commit to doing the work.
They take one step after another.
They understand that real change does not come from a quick fix.
They step into the unknown despite their doubts.
They know they need guidance and that doing it alone has not worked.
They are ready to look honestly at themselves to find the answers that have been hidden for long.

This is why working with me privately is an investment, an investment that will serve you for the rest of your career and life.
…so that you stop the cycle of being trapped in the wrong career once and for all.
…so that you start living your purpose and make the contribution you are here to make. 

I have space for 2 new clients in my private coaching before I raise my current price.

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Or share with someone you know (friend, spouse, relative, coworker) who is ready to embark on that journey.

To your dream career and calling,


I’m getting teary as I write this

I’m getting teary as I write this

Monday was hard

I cried and I grieved.

I’m getting teary as I’m writing this.

It felt like a part of me was taken away. 

I felt it in my body.

Seeing Notre-Dame de Paris on fire was like having a part of me torn apart.
It’s like a part of me was on fire.

I know it will pass and the cathedral will be restored to its glory, but the grief is real and I won’t bypass it.

This is deep. A part of my French history, my heritage, my roots, where I come from. It is heartbreaking.

In my twenties, on my way to work, I would walk on the parvis of Notre-Dame every day, smiling at her beauty each time.

My grandma grew up and lived in Paris until she retired. A part of her is with Notre-Dame too.

Notre-Dame is in the heart of each French person.

It had me reflect on the impermanence of life; the impermanence of things and people we cherish.

Things and people dear to our hearts come and go.
We come and go.

This life in this physical realm is impermanent.
My life is.
Your life is.

The places you want to explore may not be here anymore if you wait.
The people you love may leave before you have the chance to say what you want to say.

You may get too old to do the things you want to do if you keep postponing them.

Have you been wanting to visit Paris and Notre-Dame for years and have been waiting and waiting?

Is there something you have always wanted to do and keep postponing it?

How long will you do that?
Are you waiting for “someday”?
or for the “right timing”?

Someday never comes.
There may never be a “right” timing neither.

…and it will be too late.

The place you want to see may be destroyed.
You may arrive at the end of your life without having pursued the work and life of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?

What is something you have always wanted to do and keep postponing it?
What step are you going to take TODAY to move towards it?

Share with me and do it!

TIME is precious, and your life too.

Take good care of it.