Don’t think what you have to offer is valuable enough? Watch THIS. (Video)

Don’t think what you have to offer is valuable enough? Watch THIS. (Video)

Do you want to make a difference in the world and don’t think what you have to offer is valuable enough? or will really make a difference?

You may be stuck in this limiting belief that I share in the video and that I hear from many of my clients.

Watch the video to find out about it and what to do to get unstuck.

Comment below and share your thoughts with me. I’d love to hear!

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OMG. I love them already… and the behind the scenes of my success (Pics)

OMG. I love them already… and the behind the scenes of my success (Pics)


Last Thursday was the Welcome Call for the new cohort of my group program Roadmap To A Career You Love.

This is the call that kicks-off our four months together.

Oh boy, I was impressed. They already went deep and were vulnerable on the very first call. 

It is such a joy and a privilege to serve such big-hearted people on their path to using their gifts to make a difference in the world.

This is how I change the world. One person at a time.

My heart opens up each time I hear my clients share their visions, struggles, and commitment to getting support.

I am so happy for them because I know how transformed they are going to be at the end of this journey. I’ve seen it so many times.

You may wonder… why doing a career coaching process within the context of a group and not just 1:1?

Well, this is directly coming from my own experience

and where I reveal the behind the scenes of my success. 

Can you guess what have been 2 keys factors of my success and fulfillment in the past 5 years?

Well, let me share with you…

  1. I’ve hired a lot of mentors and coaches. Business coaches, love mentors, spiritual mentors, healer, therapist. I’ve invested lots of $$$, energy, and time in getting the right support. and it has been SO WORTH IT! I would NOT be where I am right now in my career and life without their support. As my mentor says, “getting help is not being weak, it’s being wise”. So, if you have never worked with a coach or mentor before, you should ask yourself why and what has stopped you from doing so.
  2. I’ve been part of amazing communities of support. When I signed up to work with my business and love coaches, it has been part of group programs. It means that I received both 1:1 support from my coach and group support from people on a similar journey as mine.

I was initially skeptical…

But, this combo, 1:1 + group support, has been and still is, the most powerful and transformative for me.

Let me share in pictures.

Dinner together to celebrate our full day of masterminding. 

These women are friends and business owners I’ve known for 5 years when I started my journey to develop my business. I met them when I signed up for a business coaching program to support me in developing my business. 

I had a business coach and I was part of a community of like-minded visionaries and business owners on the same journey. 

Being part of this community has been so helpful that we are still in touch, 3 years after the program ended.

We co-work together regularly on Zoom (I’m actually co-working with my friend Fawn as I’m writing this!) and we meet twice a year for 3 days to mastermind and support each other in our life and business. 

We are more than colleagues, we became friends.

Celebrating Gretchen’s Birthday. 

…and this is invaluable. 

This is why I decided to offer that level of support to my clients, so they can experience the TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF COMMUNITY and MENTORSHIP combined together

I’m so happy to see that my clients who graduated from my past group programs are still meeting regularly.

As human beings, we need community. we just cannot do it alone. 

So, let me ask you,

How are you doing on these 2 keys of success and fulfillment?

  • Do you have (or have you had) a coach or mentor to support you in an area of your career or life you struggle with?
  • Are you part of a community of support?

If yes, kudos to you!

If not, this is time to ask yourself:

  • which area of your career or life would you benefit from support?
  • what has stopped you from getting support for yourself? 

These 2 keys have CHANGED MY LIFE. I know they CAN CHANGE YOURS TOO. 

It’s time to start! 

To your life well lived!