Taking it super slooooowww… the way my soul likes it (Pics from my vacation)

Taking it super slooooowww… the way my soul likes it (Pics from my vacation)

I am on vacation to recharge and rejuvenate.

This is so important so that I can be at my best to serve my clients and do the work I love.

I’m taking it super sloooowww…. the way my soul likes it. 

Soaking in hot springs in the middle of the woods.
Camping in a pristine location.
Journaling, visioning, doing spiritual practices. 
Cooking a yummy late breakfast. 
Meeting lots of interesting people. 
Hearing lots of fascinating stories, including about driving through a rebel territory in Eastern Africa.

I wanted to plan this vacation. For weeks, my mind tried SO hard to do it.

But what my soul was craving is an unplanned vacation, going with the flow of what my body wants in each moment.

I did not realize how much this is what I needed…

A plan-free vacation.

It feels SO good NOT to plan anything. And just go with the flow.

Each day is a new day.

A new day to listen to what my body and soul want.


Isabelle, what are you doing to nourish your body and soul, not just your mind? 

We live in a world that overemphasizes the mind and neglect the body, heart, and soul.

Doing the work you love and living a life you want requires a holistic approach, not just mind focused.

This is why I help my clients connect with all the parts of themselves so that they can find work that aligns with all of who they are.

I want that for you too!


P.S. A few ways I can support you or people you know (relatives, friends, co-workers). Email me now and I’ll follow-up with you once I’m back from my vacation. 

  • For my advanced clients (past and current): I’ve 2 spaces available in my continuation group program “Keep Up the Momentum” starting in August! If you are curious and want to learn more, email me by Monday, August 5 and I’ll follow-up with you then to schedule a time to talk.
  • For new clients: I’ve 2 spaces open for my  “Land the Career You Love 1:1 coaching program.” Apply here to schedule a time to chat with me.
STOP DOING. Slow down and go inward. (PICS from my epic retreat in San Diego)

STOP DOING. Slow down and go inward. (PICS from my epic retreat in San Diego)

Do you give yourself permission to slow down, rest, reflect?

Or are you always in “go-go” mode, doing and doing all the time?

If you are, this is time to STOP doing


This is what I said: STOP DOING.

DOING all the time won’t get you where you want to be.

It won’t.

Oh, shocker. Really?

Don’t get me wrong. Doing is important. And if you are inspired to DO and take lots of inspired actions, don’t stop that!

But if you are always in DOING mode, it won’t work.

You need time to slow down, reflect, and just BE.

To harvest the fruits of the year.

To reflect on what your true priorities are for next year.

To assess if you are living your life according to your values and what matters most to you.

If you are in doing mode all the time, you can’t access that. 

Slowing doing and going within is what I’m practicing–imperfectly– right now after a very active past few weeks and months.

LOTS have been happening in the past few weeks.

I attended two 3-day retreats with my mentors and communities.

Lots of shifts are happening in my personal life.

At Wealthy Goddess LIVE, transformational retreat with my coach, Kendra in San Diego.

With my sisters, other visionary women up to great things.

photo by Lindsay A. Miller, Wealthy Goddess LIVE. (Del Mar North Beach, California)

on a 3-day retreat with my spiritual community in Mill Valley, California.

After these powerful weeks, I am back home, integrating, harvesting, and reflecting. 

I’m giving myself permission…

…permission to slow down.

…permission to rest.

…permission to not have all the answers.

…permission to reflect.

…permission to take my time.

Photo by Lindsay A. Miller, Wealthy Goddess LIVE.

It is not always easy. I tend to overdo at times and I tire myself. My inner achiever gets impatient. The part of me that wants to know and have all the answers gets restless. Yes, she does!

Can you relate?

If so, this may be TIME TO SLOW DOWN.

Recharging so that you can be more present for yourself, your loved ones, and your life.


Start NOW.

yes, right now! I see you 🙂


P.S Comment below and tell me how this is going for you. I’m here with you. I get it, slowing down in this crazy busy world can be hard, but it will pay off dividends, at all levels, including in your work.