(VIDEO) Are you unclear about the work you want to do? Watch THIS.

Are you or someone you know unclear or confused about the work you want to do or what is next in your career or life?

I made this video for you or people who are in this situation. This applies everytime you think you are not clear about what is next for you.

I share some powerful questions to ask yourself to help you move forward.

Watch the video and respond to this email with the insights you are getting or any questions you have.

To you doing the work you love in 2019!


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If they did it, so can you

I hope you have been enjoying 2016 so far. Spring is already on its way here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flowers are blooming everywhere and it smells wonderful.

As Spring approaches in the North Hemisphere, I see a lot of my clients blooming into the next chapter of their career and life. I want to share some of their stories with you, so that you know….

If they did it, so can you.

I have no doubt about this. I see it happening every day in my office.

(For confidentiality purposes, I change some aspects of their identity, including their names)

Success story #1: From Sales to Human Resources
Pam was working in Sales for Google and was unhappy in her work, longing to do something she loved, but totally confused about what it was and how to find it.

Through my work with her, she found the clarity and courage to do what she really wanted. She left Google, took a sabbatical to travel, moved to Denver in Colorado, where she had always wanted to live. We identified that her dreamwork was to work in Human Resources and use her amazing people skills.
She has landed a great job in a startup and has the lifestyle she has always wanted. Lots of flexibility to do what she loves on the side, including helping her friends develop their business. She loves the freedom of driving to work when she wants. She is even getting a kitten. She has wanted to have a kitten for three years. She is happy and radiant. Everything is flowing for her.

Success story #2: From Industrial Design to starting a restaurant
Chris had been working for many years in industrial design, but reached a point where she was not happy anymore in her work. None of the job posts she would see would excite her, and she could not get herself to apply. Something was off. She wanted to do work that excited her but could not find what it was.

Through the process together, we identified that her true passion had always been cooking. She spends most of her free time cooking for friends and thinking about new recipes. She had been secretly dreaming about starting her own restaurant for years, but never found the courage to face her true desire and give it a try.
Through the confidence she gained in my process with her, she decided it was time to take the leap. As a first step, she decided to look for a job as an assistant chef in a restaurant as a way to explore the food industry and prepare herself for her dream. She made the leap and found the job she wanted, and is now on her way to make her dream career a reality, one step at a time.

Pam and Chris are not the only ones. I have many more success stories like these ones.

It’s why I have no doubt that, if you are unhappy in your career right now, you can find the career you absolutely love. I know it in all the fibers of my being.

They did it, I did it, so can you.

It is all about taking the first step, even if you can’t see beyond it yet. You can start today.

Here are 2 ways to get started

1. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, come attend one of my workshops.
in San Jose, this Tuesday evening, March 15: Career Shift Crash Course
in San Francisco, on Monday, April 4: Career Shift: Find Work You Love
2. If you live elsewhere in the world, apply for my complimentary 60-minute “Find the Career You Absolutely Love Breakthrough Session.”

In this session, you will:
• Create a sense of clarity about the career you really want to do.
• Find out the essential building blocks for doing the career of your dreams
• Discover the #1 thing stopping you from doing the career you want.
• Identify the most powerful actions that will move towards the career you desire
• Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to do the career you love.

>> Apply to the breakthrough session now.

If you know people (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc) who need help finding the career they love, feel free to forward this email to them.

Cheers to the career and life of your dreams!