I just received this LinkedIn notification from Phoebe, one of my past clients who graduated from my program “Roadmap To A Career You Love” last year.

Check her story below! it’s VERY inspiring.

If she did it, I know you can too.

I remember how full of doubts and confusion she was when I first met her. She was living in Oakland, California and was totally bored and unchallenged in her job. She had an old dream to move to Denmark, but could not find the clarity and confidence to make any decision about it.

During our work together, I helped her find the clarity and courage to fulfill her long time dream to move to Denmark, and clarify the type of work that would truly fulfill her. 

She worked diligently at it, got accepted in a Master’s Degree in Denmark and moved there last year.

And this week, I am finding out that she is featured as an intern in a Danish company focusing on culture, communication, and collaboration, which is totally aligned with the type of work we identify during our work together.

Wow! How far she has come... and I know there is way more in store for her as her dream unfolds one step at a time.

Congratulations, Phoebe!
and I know, in all the fibers of my being, that if she did it, so can you.


And do you know why I know it??

Well, because I’ve seen this transformation so many times in so many of my clients. 

From being scared and doubtful to being confident and going for their dreams.

Not extraordinary people. Just ordinary people, like you and me. 

I KNOW you can do it too!

You just have to take the first step, whatever that means for you.

As Phoebe did when she came to my office, despite all her fears and doubts.

She chose to do something about it.

If she did it, so can you.


P.S. What will it take for you to be a success story? And if you are already a success story or on your way to one, please share below, I want to hear and cheer you on!