As a kid, I was different from most of my family. 

I was emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. They were more practical or intellectual.

The school I went to in France emphasized rational and analytical intelligence.
This is the case with the French education system in general. 

As I reflect back on it now, I did not feel like I fully fit in or that being me was okay. 

So, I started to work hard to “fit in,” to feel loved and seen…and to prove I was “intelligent.” In school, I worked hard to be #1, unconsciously hoping I would finally be seen and accepted by doing so. 

But, it felt like it was never enough, so I kept working harder and harder…to be the best, to succeed, and to be seen.

To belong.

All of this was unconscious, yet it was driving a lot of my decisions and ways of being. Including my college and grad school choices.

And ultimately my career. 

I followed the same patterns of behavior in my career choices for 10+ years.

Either choosing career options to prove I was smart enough.
Or, when doing work I liked, such as User Experience research, putting lots of pressure on myself…

  • to prove I was intelligent enough.
  • to belong and be accepted by my colleagues and my managers, the same way I was longing to be accepted in my family.

I achieved great success in my career and life, working for one of the biggest Internet companies in the world at the time–Yahoo!–, becoming bilingual, and moving from France to Canada, and then the US.

But I reached a point where the “proving to be smart” was just not working anymore.

I was miserable at work. I knew this was not the right career path for me long term. This was just not sustainable. 

Something else was calling me.

Something, where I could be my full self at work–100% myself–without having to prove anymore, and where I could use ALL my natural gifts and fulfill my purpose.
Something that would allow me to leave my mark in the world, not someone else’s mark. 

Can you relate?

⏩ Are you a high achiever who is unconsciously using your career or business to prove you are intelligent enough? or to belong? to fit in?
⏩ Have your career decisions up to now been driven by that desire? 
⏩ Or, if you somewhat like your work, is there still a big part of you who is trying to prove that who you are is enough? 
⏩ Are you in a career where you cannot bring your whole self? and you have to pretend or put a mask on, leaving some parts of you behind?

I feel the pain of that. I get it. 

You are not alone. I’ve been there… and also, out of it.

I know the path out of this! 

Through my own journey, my training, and through guiding hundreds of people in my coaching practice, I’ve discovered the keys to getting out of this vicious cycle once and for all…
…So that you can finally uncover and live the career of your dreams, bring your full self, live your purpose, and make the contribution you are here to make.

This is why I’m taught my free masterclass “Unlock Your Next Level Dream Career” on Thursday, July 8.

To help you…or if not you, maybe someone you know–spouse, friend, relative, co-worker. 

In the masterclass, you will discover the secrets to aligning your unique talents with your unique purpose, so you can have a dream career making a positive difference in the world.

I share more about my own journey and my proven approach to supporting high-achieving professionals land the next career of their dreams.

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It is possible for you to have a dream career where you can bring your whole self, make a meaningful difference. and feel more than enough exactly as you are.

I want that for you. 


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