On Thursday morning, at 7 am PT, I defied time, space, and visa and I traveled to France to honor my grandma’s memory at her funeral. (My dear grandma passed away last Sunday.)

I was there with her, with everyone. I saw her and I saw everyone. It was a very cold afternoon in France. Everyone was bundled up. A few snowflakes had fallen earlier in the day.

I spoke. I read a letter to her, to honor her memory so that everybody could hear how an amazing grandma and woman she was.

People heard me loud and clear. They were touched. I was there.
Oh, how wonderful to be able to be there from so far away. And talk to my grandma that way.

Thank you technology. I’m freakin’ grateful for you and for Emilie, the angel who made this possible for me.

Thank you FaceTime, thank you Bluetooth speaker.

You all made grieving from so far away more bearable.

Because of some Visa renewal in process, I cannot physically go to France right now. But I found a way to be there and it made such a difference!

Do you defy things to do what matters most to you? or to honor the people you love?
How creative are you when you are faced with things outside of your control?
or when you cannot do things the way you want?

There is always a way!

I found it.

I know you can find it too.

Repose en paix, chère mamie.

Je t’aime.