I am on a mission to support as many people as I can do their life’s work.

And this is the most FUN thing in the world for me to do!

Cathedral Rock, near Sedona, Arizona. Photo: Lindsay A. Miller

(Wealthy Goddess Retreat led by Kendra E Thornbury.)

I cannot help it. It flows out of me naturally and brings me so much JOY.

This is what happens when you do the work you are meant to do.

You CANNOT help but doing it all the time, without realizing you do it.

Because this is WHO YOU ARE.

Let me give you examples:

  • When I see a friend supporting a cause dear to their heart, it makes me happy.
  • When I see a friend or someone I know doing what they love or their life’s work, I champion them.
  • I cheer my friends on to go for their dreams and what their soul wants. 
  • When I meet someone at a gathering doing what they love, I get so excited for them and I tell them.
  • When my clients start uncovering what they are here to do, I get SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY for them. I jump up and down. Yep, I’ve done that in sessions with clients. 🙂
  • When I see past colleagues going for their dreams, I am so proud of them and it fills my heart with joy.

I get SO excited, like a kid in the candy store!

What is it that you cannot help doing or thinking?

Hit reply and tell me, I’d love to hear.

And if you don’t know yet, well, this is a very cool exploration for you to go on.


This is what doing your life’s work is supposed to be like!