in my comfy PJs and robe. under my cozy blankets.

Meditating, journaling, life visioning, contemplating.

I have not had breakfast yet or eaten any food. Just drunk hot water from the thermos set on my bedside table.

This is a typical Sunday morning for me. and one of my favorite things to do on Sundays.

This is how I tap into my intuition and inner guidance about my life. In silence and spaciousness of time. with no pressure to do anything and get anywhere.

A lot of the visions for dreams that become manifest in my life start there, from the comfort of my bed on a Sunday morning.

In my journal. in the listening. in the silence.

  • The vision for the O1 VIsa—US VIsa for individuals with extraordinary abilities—that allowed me to fulfill my dream to stay in the US and grow my business here started on a Sunday morning from my bed.
  • Many trips, retreats, and adventures I went to were birthed from my bed.
  • My dream of moving to California and the US started from my bed.

The vision for 2021 and for the next stage of my life and business are being birthed right now as I write this, from my bed in my PJs.

My bed and my PJs on Sunday mornings are some of my most productive tools.

Yes, productive. It’s what I wrote.

Staying in bed on Sunday mornings is productive.

I resisted it at first.

Like this morning. I wanted to stay in bed and have the spaciousness to meditate, contemplate, journal.

But a part of me resisted it.

A part of me was judging it.

That part was saying: “there are many things you need to do today, and staying in bed will slow you down. You don’t have time for that.”

The part that thinks “productivity” means “doing, doing, doing,” getting things done. Everything else is laziness and time wasted.

The part that was conditioned to think productivity has to look a certain way and that staying in bed for hours without a specific end time is the opposite of productivity.

What is productivity anyway?

Where does that come from?

Why in the US and in the Western world, are we running after it, all the time?

When one of the most powerful and “productive” guidance comes from the silence, the “non-doing,” the listening within, the leisureliness of the being and slowing down.

Most of my manifested dreams were birthed in the non-doing.

I am so glad I did not listen to the conditioned part of me this morning.

And, as a result, I’m being so productive from my bed.

Birthing the next dreams that I will manifest and celebrate in 2021 and beyond.

What is a “non-productive” thing you are going to do today?

If you leave the conditioned voice of “productivity” aside, what are you called to do and be?

Do and be that!