I am currently in Sedona, Arizona. I just attended a 3-day EPIC transformational retreat with other Visionary women and business owners to amplify my service to my clients, my community (you!), and the world.

This is me at Cathedral Rock, after an epic photoshoot.

I had a blast and I feel so inspired.

This morning, I woke up early with a strong inspiration to write. I received a message for you that I needed to share. Half-awake, I sat at my laptop and wrote.

Here is my message for you.
It starts with two questions

Who were you before being conditioned by your family and society?
Who are YOU without all the layers of conditioning you took on as you grew up?

Doing the work you love lies in the answers to these questions.

I guarantee it.

Oh, maybe, you think you did not get conditioned? or you don’t know what I am talking about?

Most of us carry so many layers of conditioning that cloud the truth of who we are. I’ve seen it in myself and I see it in ALL the clients I’ve worked with.
Every single time.
With NO exceptions.

And we wonder why we are unfulfilled and unhappy in our lives and work.

We are living somebody else’s life.
Somebody else’s values.
Somebody else’s notion of success.
Somebody else’s worldview.
Somebody else’s…. [fill in the blank]

From that place, how can you do the Work you love? How can you live the life you want?

You CAN’T.


Well, imagine… being stuck in someone’s else notion of what fulfillment means.

How can YOU be fulfilled?

You simply cannot. It is impossible.

and sadly, this is the way most people on the planet are living their lives.

If you are still doubting, let me give you some examples of clients.

  • He has been an engineer for all his life. He is in his late 40s. He was bored and unfulfilled in his work when he started working with me. Through our work together, he realized that when he was a kid, he loved drawing and building things with his hands. He is also naturally very intuitive and connected to the unseen. But his dad valued engineering and encouraged him to follow that path. So, he lost touch with his true nature as a builder, artist, and an intuitive person. He lost touch with what makes him alive and happy.


  • Her parents’ notion of success is to have letters after their name (PhD, MD, etc). Unconsciously, to be loved by her parents as a kid, she took on this idea that to be successful and happy in her work, she needed status and to have letters after her name. But this is incongruent with what she loves and what makes her fulfilled. So, she was struggling to find her own path, being unconsciously influenced by this old programming.


I’ve seen it in myself too. 

  • I am an avid world traveler. This is part of who I am. I am a citizen of the world. But part of my family has different values and worldview. They value staying and living close to family. Unconsciously, to be loved by them, I shrank down that part of me who loves traveling the world.

What is arising for you right now?


If you were not trying to please family and society, what would you do? 
Who would you be?
How would you live your life?

Truly listen.

The voice of your true self may be very quiet, especially if it has been buried for a long time, as for a lot of my clients.

You may not even hear it.

It DOES NOT mean it’s not there.

If you are having a hard time hearing it and and need help uncovering it, I would be delighted to support you. Or If you know someone that can benefit from this message, please forward it to them.

This is one of the things I am the best at and the work I LOVE doing with my clients.

Fill out the application for a Complimentary Find the Career You Absolutely Love Breakthrough Session and I’ll be in touch.

To your freedom,
To your fulfillment in work and life,

Love and blessings,


P.S. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” (Mary Oliver)