Please do me a favor: don’t give up on your dreams.
Really, I mean it.
I know from the bottom of my heart and from my very own personal experience, right at this moment, that it is possible to make them happen. And even the craziest of your dreams. Really. I mean it. I’m walking the path right now as I’m writing to you, at this exact moment. I’m realizing a dream I never thought possible: doing¬†the most meaningful work I could imagine doing. Eight years ago, I started dreaming of coaching and inspiring people to stay true to themselves, their callings, passions, dreams, and realize the life they really want. And this is happening. Now in my life. This has been a rocky road to get there and it is still unfolding and in process, but it is happening. Dreams don’t happen in a day, especially the biggest ones, but if you keep cultivating them and keep working at them, they will happen. It may take time, but they will happen.
So, please please don’t give on them! I know your dreams are beautiful and I know the world needs them. The world needs you and your dreams alive.