Support and connection for women of color

Support and connection for women of color

I want to introduce you to my colleague, Jessica Denise Dickson, who is offering supportive connection sessions for women of color

If you are a woman of color, I highly recommend you check them out. See more information below. 

If you are not a woman of color, please share broadly to the women of color in your network who could benefit from it. This is a wonderful way to be of support and elevate the voices of our sisters and brothers of color.

If you are a woman of color:

Joining one of these sessions is an opportunity to be in a supportive community with other women of color, find rest for your soul, and be the most authentic version of yourself.

I’ve experienced personally the powerful loving presence and talent of Jessica, and I know the women in these sessions are in for a treat. Her fierce love will hold you no matter what. I highly recommend you check them out. 

Two options are available: 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

You matter


I was feeling heavy in my heart and mind… (How to recharge and recenter in these times)

I was feeling heavy in my heart and mind… (How to recharge and recenter in these times)

I realized that I had lost my center by constantly checking the updates of the current crisis.

Every time I was checking the updates of the Coronavirus in the US, in France, and in the world, I just could not stop myself from reading and reading more about it. It was as if a spider has taken me in its web, and I could not untangle myself from it. I was glued in it.

On Friday afternoon, I was feeling heavy in my heart and mind, as if a big dark cloud was hanging over me.
…like the gloom of the world has taken over me.

It felt like my mind was pulled away in so many directions.
…like my mind was not my own anymore.

and that I could not focus on the things I want to create in my life now.

I realized that I needed a break to recenter and come back to being the creator of my life.

Here is what I’m doing this weekend:

– I’m NOT checking ANY news or updates about the coronavirus for 2 full days at least.
– I’m taking the time to meditate, read, and journal.
– I’m writing and sharing all the amazing things I’m grateful for in my life. They are so many.
– I’m going for luscious walks in nature.
– I’m connecting with friends, family, and community through Zoom, phone calls, messages, Facebook.
– I’m being of support to people in my life who need my love and presence.
– I also attended a fun dance party on Zoom with friends.
– I asked friends on Facebook to post funny/silly memes so that I could laugh out loud.

Tonight, as I write this, I’m feeling:

– refreshed and recentered.
– lighter, with joy and gratitude in my heart.
– clear-minded about what is happening in the world and what I can do best to help.
– armed with a fresh perspective about this crisis and the blessings and rebirth that will come from it
– empowered to be an active creator of my life.

What about you?

Are you taking the time to refresh and recenter in these times?

If so, what are you doing?

If not, this is TIME! unless you want to let the events of the world be in the driver seat of your life.

This is SO important… always, but EVEN MORE so now.

Recharge and recenter, so that:
… you don’t let yourself be pulled away every moment of the day by the flow of intense news.
… you don’t let the external events dictate your life.
… you don’t lose your center, your creative force.
… you don’t let the gloom of the world colors your internal state.

Recharge and recenter, so that:
… you come back to your center.
… you connect back to your gratitude for life.
… you stay in the driver seat of your life.
… you create what you are here to create.

Be gentle with yourself.

What we are facing is unprecedented in our lifetime, and we are all learning how to be with it.

I’m learning too and doing it imperfectly.

Love and blessings to you and your loved ones,


P.S. I hope you and everyone around you is well. Here in California, we have a shelter-in-place order for 3 weeks at least.

I’ve the best boss ever! (Birthday pics inside)

I’ve the best boss ever! (Birthday pics inside)

I have the best boss ever! 😜

For my Birthday today, she rescheduled my clients’ sessions so that I could bask in the glory of my special day and treat myself. 

which means: 

  • Sleep in
  • Stay in my pj’s for how long as I want
  • Receive and bask in all the love from family and friends (video calls, texts, messages, Facebook messages)
  • Order a delicious French meal for lunch, delivered to my doorstep

This is an intense time of expansion in my business and in my life, and I’m grateful I got to rest and treat myself today. 

So that I can be rejuvenated to be of best service to my clients and to keep evolving and growing. 

I cannot serve well if my tank is empty. You cannot either. 

We serve and give the best when our tank is full. 

I love my boss and she loves me. 

Here she is! 😉 

Why am I sharing that with you?

So that you get reminded that treating yourself, self-care, and taking the time to receive are key elements of a fulfilled, happy, and successful career and life

especially in this ultra-productive and busy environment we live in.

Take the time to stop and take care of yourself. You deserve it. 

What are you going to do to treat yourself, or what are you already doing?

Let me know. I’d love to hear. Comment below.

With love,


LIVE from my outdoor office… This is what I’m up to (Pics)

LIVE from my outdoor office… This is what I’m up to (Pics)

Welcome to my outdoor office from where I’m writing this.

I’m blessed with a beautiful view of the San Franciso Bay.

…and with a family of deers that comes to visit me from time to time.

I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work right now. This is why you are not hearing from me as much this Summer.

I’m working on some important projects for my clients and the expansion of my business.

This includes:

  • the continuation of my “Keep Up the Momentum” group program for my advanced clients.
    • The first 3-month program was such a success (my clients loved it!) that I decided to do an extension of it until the end of the year. 
    • This is an intimate support group designed to help my advanced clients:
      – stay on the path
      – keep up the momentum
      – get unstuck
      – move to the next level of clarity or action, whatever that may be.
      – get the support of like-minded people on the same journey
    • If you are a past client or an existing client who has worked with me for at least 3-4 months, this program is for you! If you are curious and want to chat, please send me an email by Sunday, July 14. 
  • a full rebranded website that will be live soon. I’m excited to share it with you when it’s ready!
  • and other bigger projects for the expansion of my business and my life. 

I’m also continuing upleveling my self-care and prioritizing things I love.

This includes:

  • doing a VIP day with a color and image consultant to align my outer with my inner essence. Very powerful and transformative work! I loved it. and it aligns with my passion for beauty, style, and fashion.
  • diving into authentic relating and relational mastery groups and practices. Authentic, deep, and vulnerable communication is a big value of mine. Honoring this value has been extremely nourishing for me. 
  • deepening my personal and professional transformation through the Enneagram. Very powerful work for myself and my work with my clients!
  • and getting ready for a two-week vacation soon!

What are you up to?

I’d love to hear!

Happy Summer (or Winter, depending on which hemisphere you are in)!


Where did I go??! (pic + VIDEO inside)

Where did I go??! (pic + VIDEO inside)

Where have I been in the past few weeks??

You may have wondered since I have not written to you in a little while…

This pic is a hint of where I have been!

To find out more and to hear how I take care of myself when things get more challenging,


It was not my intention to disconnect from you. I LOVE sending these emails and inspirational messages.


In the past few weeks, I’ve needed to tend to my emotional body while taking care of my clients.

I made this video to inspire you to do the same when you need to.

To your brilliant and balanced life!