“I’ve been forcing myself into that box for 40 years.”

“I’ve been forcing myself into that box for 40 years.”

This is what one of my private clients told me this morning…

…as we were exploring the type of work that truly brings her joy, the work that is outside of the box.

She is realizing that she has been forcing herself into a box in her career until now, doing work that drains her.

Work that is not aligned with her unique design.
Work that is aligned with her dad’s design, not hers.

She had been working harder and harder day after day, year after year to stay in the box.

Are you stuck in a box? at work, or in your life?

  • How long have you been in it?
  • What box are you forcing yourself into?

How long do you want to stay in your box?

You decide.


P.S. If you want to get out of the box, let’s talk

P.P.S. You may be quite successful and content with your career and life, and still, feel like you are stuck in a box. What box do you need to free yourself from?

“From despair and frustration to total clarity about my true calling”

“From despair and frustration to total clarity about my true calling”

“It’s still surreal how I went from despair and frustration to total clarity about my true calling.”

This is what my client, T.G., just wrote as she graduated from my “Land the Career You Love” 1:1 coaching program.

Read her full testimonial below—the 33rd five-star review on Yelp for Brilliant Seeds. 


“Before starting to work with Isabelle, I spent over 5 years trying to figure out why my current job doesn’t make me happy. Inside of me, I had a nagging feeling that there is something more to my career. I just couldn’t figure out what that is and I couldn’t explain why the everyday career coach couldn’t help me. Isabelle held a workshop and in that workshop, she explained how we need to find our true self. Only then, we can find our true calling.

As I worked with Isabelle, things just clicked. The exercises, the homework assignments, the discussions were so valuable to get me to where I am now. I gained confidence in myself, I discovered who I am as a person, and I saw the possibilities. It’s still surreal how I went from despair and frustration to total clarity about my true calling.

Once I figured out my path, there was no stopping me. I’m on a mission and every day I’m getting closer to making this dream a reality. Doors are opening for me every day, which is just another sign that I’m on the right path. I operate with strong and calm confidence.

Everyone should work with Isabelle at some point in their life – she is not just a career/life coach. She is your mentor and guide to your better self. Because of her, I understand myself better and as such I’m a better person overall.”

—T.G., Dublin, California


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This is how she started. Exactly where you are now, with the same doubts, fears, and disbelief that you are probably feeling now. 

Imagine being clear and on your path to the career you love by the end of 2020. How would you feel?

It is possible for you!


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THIS may be holding you back. It did for me.

THIS may be holding you back. It did for me.

Since my grandma’s death a month ago, I’ve been remembering all the sweet memories of my time with her.

I found this picture of me when I was 4 in front of my grandparents’ house. My grandma took it.

You may wonder: What has this to do with going for the career and life of your dreams?

It has EVERYTHING to do with it

In the past 10 years, I’ve been doing a lot of inner work to heal my childhood wounds and change the limiting beliefs I had about myself since childhood that impacted my life as an adult.

I used to think that there was something wrong with me.
I was not pretty enough.
I was not fun enough.
I was not [fill in the blank] enough.

Thanks to all the inner work, I now know that these beliefs were FALSE.

I’m PERFECT exactly as I am.
There is nothing wrong with me.

There has never been.


…except in my own mind.

When I see this adorable little girl, I can LOVE her exactly as she was.
and send her the love that I could not give her then.

I see PERFECTION in her.
I see BEAUTY in her.

I know she has nothing to prove to anyone.

She never had.

What about you?

Are you able to love your younger self and see the perfection in them?


Are you still holding negative beliefs about yourself?
That you are not enough or broken in some ways?

Are these negative beliefs unconsciously driving you to PROVE that you are enough?
to make choices in your career and your life to PROVE your enoughness?

If so, this may be why you are stuck in work you hate or not having the work and life you want.

I see it in a lot of my clients.
The deep-seated belief that they are not enough.
and the need to prove that they are enough.

As a result, they make choices or behave in a way to PROVE their enoughness.

  • The unconscious false beliefs they took on as a child is still driving their work and life as adults.
  • They wonder why they are stuck in a vicious cycle and can’t be happy in their work.

Through the process I do with them, I help them reconnect with their true authentic self, their innate brilliance within. They start realizing there is nothing wrong with them, nothing to change about who they are.

…and things start to shift.

What beliefs are you holding about YOU?

Comment below and share with me. I’m here to support you.

To your brilliance,
To the work and life that reflect that brilliance,



STOP wasting your life!! What staying in work you hate is TRULY costing you

Are you (or someone you know) staying in work you hate out of fear of losing your lifestyleyour benefitsyour income level?

….or not being able to pay for your mortgage, your student loan, or retirement if you change careers?

 If so, listen up! this article is for you.
 (or for people you know who are struggling with this. Feel free to pass it along.)

After interviewing, over the past 5 years, hundreds of people unhappy in their careers, this is the #1 concern I’m hearing from people who are considering changing careers.

  • “I hate my job but I’ve such a good salary and benefits; I’m afraid I’ll lose that if I change careers.”
  • “The life in [location] is so expensive; I don’t know how I’ll pay my mortgage if I leave my job.”
  • “I’m concerned I’ll have to start all over again, at a lower level.”


I get it.The fear of losing the financial security can be intense and I’m not discounting it.

But, let me ask you this,Have you ever thought about what staying in work you hate day after day, and year after year is COSTING you?

Well, let me tell you what I’ve heard hundreds of people unhappy in their work tell me over and over.

It is costing:

  • your happiness and fulfillment. You spend more time at work than in any other areas of your life. Think about hating 5 out of 7 days of each week for the rest of your life. Is that truly living?
  • your self-esteem and your confidence. Every single person I talk to tells me how they are doubting themselves and their abilities. This is what spending years in work that is not a fit does to you. It erodes your confidence. The more you stay, the more you doubt yourself and the harder it is to find the confidence to get out and explore other jobs or careers. You get stuck in a vicious cycle.
  • your emotional and mental health. Forcing yourself to stay in work you hate is harmful to your mental health and can lead to depression. I’ve heard people telling me they often feel depressed.
  • your physical health. Staying in work you hate is draining for your body. If you consistently feel drained after work, it is taking a toll on your health. What about the sleepless nights and all the physical symptoms and illnesses, mild or severe, you start developing as a result?
  • your romantic relationship. Your unhappiness and stress do not stay at work. Whether you want it or not, you bring them back home in your relationship. How does you complaining day after day about your work affect your relationship?
  • your friendships and your social life. I’ve heard many people telling me how it impacts negatively their social life. They may be too drained to meet their friends or pursue their hobbies. Or they bring their negativity in their friendships.
  • the happiness and development of your children. Imagine the impact (short and long term) on your children, of unhappy, stressed, emotionally and physically unavailable parents? What are you modeling to them? If you are unhappy in your work, how can they know that it is possible to be happy at work.
  • and more!

Here is the TRUTH:

Staying in work you hate is costing you not only your happiness, but also the happiness of your loved ones

  • How worth it it is to have all the money you want IF your life, your health, your relationships are destroyed or eroded as a result?
  • How worth it it is to have all the money you want to retire IF you end your life with excruciating regrets?

 *** In her book “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying,” Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse shares the most common regrets of the dying she heard in her practice.
The #1 is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” “When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. “

Here is another TRUTH:

In the long run, it is COSTING YOU WAY MORE to stay in work you hate than to explore something else.


I get it that it can be scary to consider changing careers.

But it does not necessarily have to be.

It is why I created a step-by-step process to make it as progressive and supportive as possible, so that you don’t feel like you have to jump off a cliff and risk everything.

  1. First, we clarify your unique talents, drivers of satisfaction, and passions so that you can build clarity, confidence, and a strong inner compass for your next steps.
  2. Then, ​we identify the career that is uniquely tailored to you, your talents, and purpose, so that you have a clear direction and you never again doubt the direction of your career.​
  3. Finally, we ​create a personalized action plan so that you know exactly what steps to take to create the career you love. I support you in designing an action plan that is progressive and respects your own pace.

You don’t necessarily have to leave your job or career right away. Actually, most of my clients don’t and take a step-by-step approach that feels right for them.

But once you are clear and confident about what you ultimately want, it is way easier to consider the different paths and progressive steps to get where you want to be without sacrificing your sanity and your financial foundations.

From that place of clarity and confidence, you will see that you have WAY more options than you think, and that you don’t have to jump off the cliff.

This is what I focus on in the program that I open twice a year.

>>> The doors of my next program officially open next week, on October 1. 

Stay tuned for more details!

To a life NOT wasted!


It breaks my heart to see so many people wasting their lives in work they hate.