Do you know what is one of the BEST things about doing work you love?
Well, read on to find out!

I’m back from a fun and deeply transformative 3-day workshop on the Enneagram and relational skills with one of my mentors and masterful facilitator, Ben Saltzman.

I LOVED every moment of it. There were lots of deep and authentic connection, some profound personal growth and transformation, and lots of fun.

(Photo: Ben Saltzman)

I was in my element. Personal development is my #1 passion.
I LOVE taking all kinds of workshops and classes to know myself better and transform old patterns holding me back from being the full expression of myself and living the life of my dreams.

(Photo: Ben Saltzman)

I signed up for this workshop for my own pleasure.

and you know what?

It is supporting me in being a better coach with my clients and a more successful business owner.

I’m already applying a lot of the things I learned in this workshop in my work. My knowledge of the Enneagram combined with my 20-year expertise in the Myers-Briggs personality types and related models (Essential Motivators and Interaction Styles) is a KICKASS combination in supporting my clients finding the work they love and overcoming their unique challenges.

This is what happens when you do work you absolutely love. 

What you do for fun helps you be better in your work. 
Personal and professional development become the SAME thing.

How cool is that?!!

There is no more disconnect between YOU in your personal life and YOU at work

NO MORE feeling like you need to be two different people depending on the context.

YOU CAN BRING ALL OF YOURSELF IN YOUR WORK, including your passions and what makes you tick.

Do you want that, Isabelle? I know I want it for you!

Well, if you do, this is time for you to step into the work you love, or to step even more into it if you are already doing it.


and I’m here to cheer you on.


P.S. Not sure how to get there? Apply for a  breakthrough session with me and I’ll help you figure out the path to get there!