Woohoo! My clients are rocking it!

This is one of the deepest joys of my work!

to witness my clients go from confused, bored, lost in their careers.

…..to clear, confident, and finding their path toward a career they love.

Here are two very cool stories I want to share with you to show you what is possible!

1. From unemployed and scattered to an exciting multi-career path as a Lawyer/Fashion designer/Mum!

When she started working with me, she was feeling totally unfocused; had many interests and could not figure out which one to pursue as a career. As a result, she kept changing course or found herself overcommitted and scattered. She was totally stuck in this pattern and could not get out of it. 

I helped her clarify what she truly needed in her career to be fulfilled, what was her core strengths, her core drivers of satisfaction, and a career path that will fit all of them.

As a result, she is now super clear about the career she wants to pursue and where to focus her attention. And we found out that, in her case, she needs a multiple-career path to be fulfilled and satisfy both her right and left brain, and how much she cares about her family.

She is now excited about her unique multi-career path as a Lawyer/Fashion designer/Mum. She is owning it and going for it!

2. From doubtful and discouraged to being invited at a Conference for women leaders in climate change!

Her true calling is helping solve climate change and protect the planet. This is what lights her up. When we started working together through my group + 1:1 program, she had lost her motivation after being poorly paid for doing things she did not enjoy. She was doubting herself and her ability. She could not see or acknowledge her strengths. She was so discouraged that she thought she had to find work outside of the environmental protection field.

Through the process together in the group and 1:1 sessions, she slowly regained her confidence. She started to see and acknowledge her strengths. She changed an old pattern that was holding her back for many years. She found her drive again for environmental protection. Most of all, she got fired up about a super exciting project she wants to take on to support climate solutions. And what is really cool is that this project is the perfect fit for her and her strengths.

Last week, during our session, she announced that she had been invited at a Conference for women leaders in climate change!

Such a wonderful recognition of her stepping into her true leadership! This is what happens when you connect with your own inner confidence; the outer world start reflecting this reality and opportunities come your way.


They have gone so far since they started working with me 6 months ago! 

Clarity, confidence, and inspired actions are now where and who they are! Yay!!

You want the same transformation in your career and confidence level? 

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming up very soon!


P.S.  if they did it, so can you!