🔥 signing up a wonderful new client: a successful Chinese-American attorney who is ready to change careers to discover the meaningful work she is here to do on the planet.

🔥 completing a badass coaching session with a client who is making a career shift from project management to health coaching and moving from California to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania as the result of our work together in the past four months.

🔥 finding out that one of my brilliant entrepreneur clients made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Stay tuned for more about him soon!  He is super talented and it’s an honor to support him shine even brighter.

🔥 attending a powerful call with diversity and equity educator Trudi Lebron about cultural responsiveness in sales conversations. I’m keeping up my commitment to make my business practices more inclusive.

🔥 taking care of myself by reaching out to friends to support me in navigating some emotional triggers. A big part of success is to practice self-care and know when and who to reach out for support. I practice what I preach to my clients!

What are you celebrating this week?

Comment below and share with me!

Big or small, it does not matter. Celebrating micro-victories is a key practice of successful people. This is one of the practices I have my clients do. 

To your success and your “glow” on your own terms,


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