Do you know that saying NO to what you don’t want is as important as saying YES to what you want?

It is often a prerequisite to it.
It is necessary.
You need to say no to what you do NOT want to make space for what you DO want.
There is no other way.

And this is true when you want to do work you love. You have to let go of work that is not for you.

Last week, I had a professional organizer come to my place to help me organize and declutter three big closets I have been procrastinating on. She was so good that she ended up reorganizing my whole apartment!

I gave away several boxes of stuff.
I let go of what was not serving me anymore.
I let go of things that were not bringing me joy.
I let go of things from the past that were not aligned with the future I am creating. It was not easy. 
I wanted to grab onto them.
I resisted at first.
But I knew grabbing onto them would not help me create the feeling I wanted to have in my place.
I HAD to let go to create the NEW feeling I wanted. 
I had to let go of the old to make space for the new. I am SO happy I did. It was worth it. 
I LOVE how my place feels like.
It feels so much more open and spacious for the new things I want in my life.Here are just a few pics. There is WAY more. My closets look amazing! I’m so happy with them that the first thing I do when I get up is look at them. 🙂

What do you need to say NO to to welcome what you want?
What is no longer working for you?
What is it you keep doing or having even if that does not bring you joy?

This is the experience of a lot of my clients. When they clarify the career they DO want, it often comes a time when they have to say NO to what they do not want anymore, which includes the shining offers coming their way that are a reflection of their old self and their old life. I call them “shiny objects.” Ah, because they are SO tempting…

What are “shiny objects” that look so cool on the outside but you know deep down that they are NOT what you truly want?

To make space for what you DO want, you will have –at some point, when the time is right– to say NO to what you do not want anymore.

It won’t be easy.
You will resist it.
Your rational mind will tell you all the reasons why you should not do it.
You will second guess yourself.
I will take courage.

But it will be SO worth it. 
What is on the other side is your freedom and your joy.
Your liberation.

I know it. I have been through it.

This is what I stand for.
This is why I do this work.
To help you be free to be who you truly are and do what you love.

To your freedom,


P.S. Comment below and let me know what you need to say NO to. I want to hear and support you!