Have you found them? (Two key questions you MUST ask yourself to do work you love)

Have you found them? (Two key questions you MUST ask yourself to do work you love)

This quote by Elizabeth Gilbert, in “Big Magic” says it all.

“This is one of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on us human beings […]: The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”

  • Have you found your jewels?
  • “Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”

These two questions are at the CORE of doing the WORK YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

… and at the core of what I do with my clients.

  • I help them answer these two questions with a resounding YES.  
  • I help them find their hidden treasures and the courage to bring them worth into their work.

Because without that, you CANNOT do the work you absolutely love. 

How much you love your work is directly correlated with how well you can answer these questions with a YES.

So, let me ask you again: can you answer these questions with a big YES?

If yes, congrats! This is fabulous.

If no and you want to say yes to them so that you can do the work that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning. it will be my joy and honor to help you. 

I’ve 2 spaces open for my  “Land the Career You Love 1:1 coaching program.” Apply here to schedule a time to chat with me.

I look forward to hearing from you
or from people you know (spouse, relative, friends, co-workers) who need help discovering the work they love in 2020!

Please share this blog with them!


PS. Don’t spend another year or decade with your treasures hidden within you! The world is missing out. and your life is missing out too. Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch.

TODAY is a SPECIAL day! …and my favorite practice to boost your confidence.

TODAY is a SPECIAL day! …and my favorite practice to boost your confidence.

TODAY is my 12-year anniversary in the US and California!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I landed at San Francisco International Airport with my two suitcases exactly 12 years ago today. So, I GET to CELEBRATE!!! 🎉🎉🎉

…and reflect on the many DREAMS that I’ve manifested since I arrived.
This is a practice I’ve my clients doTake stock of all their many achievements (in the past 1, 5, 10, 20 years)
I encourage you to do the same! It is a great confidence booster. My life is far from being perfect and I’m navigating some new challenges this year.
I’ve achieved SO MUCH in the past 12 years; it’s time to CELEBRATE and take stock of that.

I am modeling what I teach. I’m walking the talk. 
 So, here it is:
🔥 I manifested my long-time dream to move to the San Francisco Bay Area.
⭐️ I worked for one of the biggest Internet company in the world. (Yahoo!)🔥 I achieved my dream of becoming bilingual (English-French.)
⭐️ After 10 years of working in User Experience, I reinvented my career to follow my passion and calling.
🔥 I went back to school to study Psychology and Coaching.
⭐️ I stepped into my purpose by starting my own career reinvention coaching business. (a long-time dream of mine)
🔥 I developed a successful business that I love, that totally supports me financially.
⭐️ I’ve worked with hundreds of clients guiding them on their own career reinvention through 1:1 and group coaching.
🔥 I’ve lead 80+ workshops and talks about “Discovering the Career You Love” and “Making Your Own Career Shift.” talking to a total of 1,000+ people.
⭐️ I was invited to speak on 8 success panels to share the successes in my business and life.
🔥 I’ve GROWN tremendously on the personal and professional levels.
⭐️ I’ve worked directly with 20+ business, love, personal, relational, and spiritual mentors.
🔥 I’ve taken 20+ training courses and programs (ranging from 2-day to year-long programs) related to business, professional, personal, and spiritual development.
⭐️ I climbed the highest peaks in the continental US and four 14,000 peaks in the US and Europe.
🔥 I realized my long-time dream of rock, snow, and ice climbing, moving past doubts and fears.
⭐️ I went over my fear and started downhill skiing at 35, skiing black diamond slopes in just a few months after my first day on the slopes; and I started backcountry skiing.
🔥 I went on a dozen snow camping and backpacking trips.
⭐️ I visited some of my dream locations (Scotland, Costa Rica, Monument Valley).
🔥 I’ve gone on many solo trips (ranging from a weekend to 3 weeks) – locally, nationally, and internationally. – driving, flying, camping, staying in rooms and Airbnb.
⭐️ I manifested my dream apartment in the SF Bay Area Hills with a hot tub and a breathtaking view of the Bay.
🔥 I indulged in my passion for fashion, by hiring a high-end Stylist and Image Consultant and participating in two professional photoshoots, with some of the best photographers in the industry.
⭐️ I explored my passion for dancing and learned partner dances (waltz, ballroom dances, salsa, swing, etc), and practiced many free-form dances.
🔥 I dived into my passion for authentic relating by taking weekend workshops and year-long courses to master relational skills.
⭐️ After many years of searching, I found a spiritual community that I love.

There is more, but that’s a good start! Thank you for reading! It is special for me to share all of that with you. Both vulnerable and exciting. 

Now, your turn.

I invite you to do the same! 

Yes, you! 

Take stock of all your achievements, big or small, in the past 10 years.

You’ll see that you have achieved WAY MORE than you give yourself credit for.

Share some of them with me. I would love to hear! 

I am celebrating with you!


SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

Last Fall, after a visualization we did in our 1:1 session, my client Carla was in tears.

When I asked her about it, she said…

…. she was feeling the pain of the Earth. She was crying for the Earth.

It was during all the wildfires that affected California.

Photo Credit: Power Up for Climate Solutions

The Earth, Our Earth is hurting. 

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

Can you feel it, Isabelle?

If so, PLEASE read on and support Carla in her initiative to help our Planet.

There are concrete and super easy ways you can do that NOW.

Carla’s life purpose is to advocate for the healing of the Planet and our relationship with the natural world.

When we started working together a year ago: 

  • Carla was feeling very poorly about her career future; her self-confidence was extremely low.
  • She didn’t know what she wanted to do next.
  • She was discouraged and feeling very bleak.
  • She didn’t believe that she could find something really fulfilling for work
  • and if she did find it, she didn’t believe she could get hired to do it.

After 6 months of work together within the Roadmap To A Career You Love program and beyond, so much has shifted for her:

  • she regained her confidence
  • she felt a lot more in touch with her strengths and skills.
  • she became totally clear about what she wanted to do next
  • she still had some fears but the fears did not stop her from pursuing her dream:

Starting her non-profit to “activate and unite the quiet majority to solve climate change.”

She went for it and started her non-profit!

She is now gathering a community to support her mission and is taking donations.

Here are ways you can support Carla and her initiative:

Please take a few minutes of your day right now to do one of these things.

Your action, however small, is helping in HEALING the Earth.

Let’s do this together.

We can do it if we all participate!


I’m getting teary as I write this

I’m getting teary as I write this

Monday was hard

I cried and I grieved.

I’m getting teary as I’m writing this.

It felt like a part of me was taken away. 

I felt it in my body.

Seeing Notre-Dame de Paris on fire was like having a part of me torn apart.
It’s like a part of me was on fire.

I know it will pass and the cathedral will be restored to its glory, but the grief is real and I won’t bypass it.

This is deep. A part of my French history, my heritage, my roots, where I come from. It is heartbreaking.

In my twenties, on my way to work, I would walk on the parvis of Notre-Dame every day, smiling at her beauty each time.

My grandma grew up and lived in Paris until she retired. A part of her is with Notre-Dame too.

Notre-Dame is in the heart of each French person.

It had me reflect on the impermanence of life; the impermanence of things and people we cherish.

Things and people dear to our hearts come and go.
We come and go.

This life in this physical realm is impermanent.
My life is.
Your life is.

The places you want to explore may not be here anymore if you wait.
The people you love may leave before you have the chance to say what you want to say.

You may get too old to do the things you want to do if you keep postponing them.

Have you been wanting to visit Paris and Notre-Dame for years and have been waiting and waiting?

Is there something you have always wanted to do and keep postponing it?

How long will you do that?
Are you waiting for “someday”?
or for the “right timing”?

Someday never comes.
There may never be a “right” timing neither.

…and it will be too late.

The place you want to see may be destroyed.
You may arrive at the end of your life without having pursued the work and life of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?

What is something you have always wanted to do and keep postponing it?
What step are you going to take TODAY to move towards it?

Share with me and do it!

TIME is precious, and your life too.

Take good care of it.


I’m excited! THIS is happening!

I’m excited! THIS is happening!

I’ve been wanting to offer more continued support to my Roadmap To A Career You Love graduate clients for a while.

Well, this is happening! 

This is why I’ve been silent for the past 10 days.

I’ve been busy designing the program and getting started with four new awesome clients who are up to great things in the world!

…as well as amping up my self-care by spending more time in nature.

I already offer continued 1:1 support to my advanced clients who want to step into the next level of clarity and manifestation of their career dreams.

So, what is special about this one?

Well, it’s all about the power of community.
and being part of an intimate group of like-minded people who have your back.

For the past two years, I have been facilitating my signature program Roadmap To A Career You Love in an intimate group setting and seeing the tremendous impact of it.

Imagine going through the journey of finding the work you love alongside like-minded people on the same journey. 
people who have your back.
people who cheer you on and inspire you.
people who believe in you.
people to share ideas and brainstorm with.
people who hold you accountable.

It is extremely powerful and supportive.

This is why I wanted to create a continuation of this support group for my existing and past clients.

Here it is!
“Keep Up the Momentum” Program is a 3-month intimate support group designed to help them:
– stay on the path
– keep up the momentum
– get unstuck
– move to the next level of clarity or action, whatever that may be.
– get the support of like-minded people on the same journey

I’m committed to supporting my clients and community doing the Work they absolutely love!


In my juicy creative place in nature.
This is how I tap into my inspiration. What is your way of tapping into your inspiration?