Which ones are you listening to?

Which ones are you listening to?

Which ones are you listening to?

  • your fears, all the voices telling you why you can’t do it?
  • or your intuition, your gut, your heart, your inner knowing?

The path of the career and the life you absolutely love is on the side of your inner knowing, not on the side of fear. 

I’ve seen it over and over on my own journey and in my clients’ journey. 

Lots of people get stuck in the same loop because they listen to the voices of fear. 

I don’t want that for you!

I know how scary it can be to choose the path of your true desire over the path of fear. 

Especially by yourself, without external support. 

It’s why I do the work I do. To help you discover the career you truly desire and find the confidence to make it happen beyond the fears. 

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Is one for you or for someone you know who needs help? 


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How I listened to my intuition and flew to France on a 3-day notice

How I listened to my intuition and flew to France on a 3-day notice

Bonjour de France!

This is where I am as I am writing this.

At my grandma’s home in the South West of France.

Three weeks ago, I had no idea I would be flying to France. There was no trip to France planned in my schedule for a while.

Monday, two weeks ago, as I was talking to my 101 years-old grandma over the phone, I found her voice and energy extremely low, lower than it has ever been.

My heart sank.

My grandma who I love very much recently spent three months at the hospital after falling and breaking her femoral neck last February. She has been back home for a few weeks but with limited autonomy and moving on a wheelchair. This has been extremely hard for her.

On that call, I heard my intuition speak very loudly: 

“Go to France and see her. She needs your love and presence right now.”

On Friday, four days later, I bought my ticket.

On Saturday, I was on the plane to Paris.

On Sunday night, I was giving her a big hug.

This is an example of me following my intuition and taking inspired action aligned with my values.

3 of the keys of living a fulfilling life and career

1. I listened to my intuition: I heard it very loudly. I don’t always hear it so loudly; this time was particularly clear. I initially resisted it. I had other plans; it required shifting things around, and facing disappointing people. It was hard. I faced some of my demons. But, everytime I would speak to my grandma the following days, it was so loud and clear that I could not resist it. I knew I had to go or I would regret it.

2. I took inspired action: This action was not planned or prepared. It was a spontaneous action guided by my heart and my intuition. It felt right. I felt inspired to do it. It did not feel forced or constrained. It emerged organically. I felt more alive as a result. This is what inspired actions look and feel like.

3. I aligned my action with my values: My grandma is one of the most important people in my life. I love her very dearly. She has given me so much love over the years. I wanted to give back and be present with her the same way she has been for me. Caring and showing acts of love to the people I love, especially my family,  is a top value for me. Every time I act on this value, my life feels fulfilled, rich, and meaningful. This is what happens when you live according to your core values.

I am so glad I did all of these things. Since being here, my grandma has felt much better. I saw her regaining some vitality and strength. I fulfilled part of my purpose by being with her.

So, let me ask you, 

How are you doing on these three keys?

  1. Do you listen to your intuition? or your gut feeling? (or inner guidance) Are you actually in touch with it? or do you listen to the voice of “should” and fears? Or do you even don’t know maybe because you have lost touch with your intuition for a long time?
  2. Are you taking inspired actions? or actions dictated by society and what people around you tell you “should” do? Do you wait to act until you have a super well crafted, impeccable plan?
  3. Are you living your life according to your values? Do you even know what your values are and what brings fulfillment and richness to your life? What your key ingredients and drivers of fulfillment are.

Check with yourself right now. This is important. This is your life.

If you answer no to most of the questions above, chances are that you are lacking significant fulfillment in your work or life.

And yes, these totally apply to work as well. They are essential to be happy in your work.

If so, what are you going to do this week to change that?

Or, if you answered yes to most of these questions:

What are you going to do to align even more your life and work with those keys?

Hit reply and tell me. I would love to hear and support you.

To you living your life and career on YOUR own terms.

This is what I stand for.


Your heart is your compass

Last week, my 102 year-old grandma who I love dearly passed away. I am French and all my family lives in France while I live in San Francisco, California. The funerals were to happen in the South West of France. I was faced with this dilemma: going or not going?

All the “rational” facts were in favor of me not going and it “made sense” for me NOT to go. Only six days earlier, I was back from a trip to France to see my grandma at the hospital. The trip to France is long –24 hours door to door–, tiring –9-hour time difference–, and expensive –at least 1,700 USD. Without even thinking I could have the choice to go or not to go, I had settled not to go. I was telling myself and others: “I just can’t go.” My head was ruling the show. It just didn’t “made sense” to go. Every time I was thinking about the funerals and imagining everyone being there except me, it was breaking my heart, but I was thinking I did NOT have the choice. It was just NOT possible for me to go.

Then, two days before the funerals, on Wednesday around 1pm PST, I was on the phone with my aunt. Since I “could” not go (or so I thought), I asked her to describe in details how the ceremony would unfold, so that I could at least “be there” in imagination. As she was describing one after another the details of the ceremony, I was feeling my heart breaking piece by piece, until I could not hold it any longer and I burst into tears. I let my tears come out and tell me what they had to say. My heart was totally broken at the thought of everybody going, except me. And the thought of me staying in San Francisco, in a foreign environment from my native country, without any family member around me to share my grief with became unbearable. My heart was talking and it was talking loud and clear. It wanted to go. Fifteen minutes into the call, suddenly, it became clear to me that I had to go and I wanted to. The voice of my heart was so loud and clear that I could not ignore it any longer. The interferences of my head and rational mind were all gone. The purity of my inner voice came out. My decision was made; I would go and I would assume the consequences of my choice. My desire was so clear that my schedule would have to be cleared to give space to it, whatever was on my schedule. My heart desire was a priority. I hanged up the phone and one hour later, my flight ticket for France was booked. At 7pm that day, I left home and at 9:45pm, I was on the plane for Paris. When your desire is clear, the decisions and actions unfold organically.

It was one of the best decision I have made. After I made it, I felt relieved, light, and happy. I could not stop smiling. My body was telling me that the decision was right. My head was saying it’s crazy, but my body was telling me this is what you have to do. and my heart wanted it. It is because I let my emotions come out and I listened to them that I could hear the true desire of my heart, through the chatter of my mind covering up my authentic inner voice. And I did not regret it. Once at the funerals, I knew that was where I had to be.

Your heart and body have wisdom that your mental does not. Listen to your heart. it knows best. Don’t let your rational mind rule what you truly desire, deep down.

Your heart is your compass. The more you listen to its authentic message, the more your life will be fulfilling, meaningful, and nourishing.