(Client story + Video) 3 reasons why now is a great time to reevaluate your career and your life

(Client story + Video) 3 reasons why now is a great time to reevaluate your career and your life

She is doing it, so can you. 

I just had a session with one of my clients who is British and currently lives in California. She is moving back to the UK in a few weeks to fulfill her vision of being closer to family and friends.

She spends the last few months of sheltering in place clarifying her vision for her dream career and lifestyle with my help, and now she is clear and making it a reality!

She is moving back to the UK and will be taking steps there to explore career and job opportunities in alignment with the plan I helped her flesh out.

This time of sheltering in place is a great opportunity to look at reevaluating the vision for your ideal career and lifestyle.

Are you taking advantage of it?

Watch the video below to find out why and how you can do it. 

To your brilliance,


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(Client Success Story) At 27, she found her North Star

(Client Success Story) At 27, she found her North Star

OMG. I am so pumped up!

I just helped another of my client clarify her ultimate career dream and the work she is here to do on the planet.

After 4 months of working together, this is what she said in our session last week: 

“It’s like a North Star I can finally see and some kind of purpose.
This is the first time I’m seeing that for a very long time. It was hidden.
I’ve something I can work towards. It’s a huge relief, to not have this constant fear that I don’t know what I want; that what I’ll do will be a mistake.”
(Shared with her permission; name kept confidential)

She started working with me in May after attending my workshop at General Assembly in San Francisco. 

When we started together, like many of my clients, she was anxious about her future:

 “I don’t know what I’m here for, what I’m supposed to do.
I fear that what I’ll do will be a mistake.”

Now, only four months later, she is clear about her dream career and her purpose. She has found her North Star.

She wants to “found a business that develops solutions to help close the gap of inequality for women in the workplace. Covering aspects such as equal pay, equality of opportunity, and equal representation in executive leadership.”

She is only 27 and I know this will happen in her lifetime.

This is her DESTINY and she has what it takes to fulfill it.

You do too.

Whatever yours is.

and however old you are.  I’ve helped clients in their 20’s all the way to clients in their 60’s.

If they did it, so can you.


P.S. Your North Star is waiting for you. Will you go and find it?

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

Last Fall, after a visualization we did in our 1:1 session, my client Carla was in tears.

When I asked her about it, she said…

…. she was feeling the pain of the Earth. She was crying for the Earth.

It was during all the wildfires that affected California.

Photo Credit: Power Up for Climate Solutions

The Earth, Our Earth is hurting. 

SHE NEEDS OUR HELP…. and she needs it NOW.

Can you feel it, Isabelle?

If so, PLEASE read on and support Carla in her initiative to help our Planet.

There are concrete and super easy ways you can do that NOW.

Carla’s life purpose is to advocate for the healing of the Planet and our relationship with the natural world.

When we started working together a year ago: 

  • Carla was feeling very poorly about her career future; her self-confidence was extremely low.
  • She didn’t know what she wanted to do next.
  • She was discouraged and feeling very bleak.
  • She didn’t believe that she could find something really fulfilling for work
  • and if she did find it, she didn’t believe she could get hired to do it.

After 6 months of work together within the Roadmap To A Career You Love program and beyond, so much has shifted for her:

  • she regained her confidence
  • she felt a lot more in touch with her strengths and skills.
  • she became totally clear about what she wanted to do next
  • she still had some fears but the fears did not stop her from pursuing her dream:

Starting her non-profit to “activate and unite the quiet majority to solve climate change.”

She went for it and started her non-profit!

She is now gathering a community to support her mission and is taking donations.

Here are ways you can support Carla and her initiative:

Please take a few minutes of your day right now to do one of these things.

Your action, however small, is helping in HEALING the Earth.

Let’s do this together.

We can do it if we all participate!


(Client Success Story) I got emotional reading his email…

(Client Success Story) I got emotional reading his email…

Are you expecting a big change in your career/life overnight? 

Well, this is what my client Adam expected when he started working with me…

This is not how things played out for him… and for the better!

Following my guidance, using patience and listening to his own true voice, he ended up over time in the perfect work-life balance situation that matched everything he wanted, including releasing an album with his band!

Listen to his story in the video below.

Or jump right below the video to read his email and find his band on Spotify,


When Adam started working with me:

  • He was bored, unchallenged, and depressed in his work.
  • The long daily commute was killing him, as well as working at a desk from 9 to 5, and lacking the flexibility and freedom he was craving.
  • As a result, he could not spend as much quality time with his partner and kids, and could not develop his passion to play drums as much as he desired. He wanted to be part of a band, but could not carve out enough time because of his commute and work situation.


Following my guidance through the Roadmap to the Career You Love program and listening to his own true voice, the perfect work/life situation progressively unfolded for him. Read his email below.

Hi Isabelle-

I thought I would take a minute to update you on my career since I went through your program last year. In short, I have made some subtle and not so subtle adjustments of my work role which has enabled a much better actualization of my true self!

My career “success story” is more subtle than other case studies but has worked wonderfully. I thought it would be good for you to have as a reference in the event others have a similar experience as mine. I think I was expecting a big change over night which is not how things played out but I ended up in a great work-life balance situation over time. Patience and listening to one’s true voice is the key!

I am still at the same company and working in the solar industry. I was able to transition my role to “Product Management” which actually plays wonderfully into my “Improviser” tendencies. It also does not involve managing people directly which I actually quite like because it facilitates my need to feel “free”. This is typical of product management roles where it involves collaborating (something I do well) with all parts of the organization but does not involve managing others peoples time. Better yet, I requested flexible hours (up to 50%) and work from home a majority of the time. The net result is having the security of a formal “job” but the flexibility of working for myself and dictating my own schedule.

My ability to negotiate this outcome was a direct result of the authentic-self work we did. I was very comfortable negotiation for this situation because I knew it would work better for me and so was able to convince my boss (the CEO) as well. But that’s not the best part…. With my more flexible schedule I was invited to join a band. The universe delivered that one up right on cue!. My band has already recorded an album which is streaming on applemusic and spotify. We even did a little tour to Southern California a few weeks ago.

So, although I did not quit my corporate job and join the circus I was able to sculpt my career to what works best for me in a very non-traditional way.Simply knowing what I wanted and listening to my authentic self changed everything.

Thank you so much for your help. I hope this story will help someone else who may be struggling with what “success” looks like.

Best Wishes!

Adam Detrick

Here is his band: The Reverbivores. Adam is the guy on the right. You can find him on Spotify and Apple Music or use the link. Enjoy!

Are you ready to find your perfect work-life situation?

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(client story + VIDEO) Are you allowing yourself to dream?

(client story + VIDEO) Are you allowing yourself to dream?

“This is the first time in my life I’m allowing myself to dream. It’s good to take care of myself that way.”

This is what a client of mine said in our 1:1 session this week after two months of working together.

Read her story below or go directly to the video at the end of this article. 


She is in her mid-thirties and has been successful in her career, but has had a pattern of putting others first and trying to please everybody except herself.

  • As a result, she has lost the sense of who she is, what makes her happy, and what she truly desires.
  • When we started working together two months ago, she was unhappy in her work but had no clue what kind of career would make her happy. 

After two months of diving into her authentic self through guided exercises, visualizations, powerful self-discovery activities:

  • her true desires and dreams are starting to resurface.
  • And she is starting to have visions of potential dream careers she would like to do, something she NEVER HAD BEFORE in her entire life.

This is beautiful to witness.

And the beauty of it is that this is coming all from inside of her, from her own intuition, and inner guidance she is learning to listen to.

It is HER OWN TRUTHnot someone’s else truth for her, not even my truth.

If you want to live the work and life of your dreams, you have to access YOUR OWN TRUTH

That’s it.

… and STOP asking someone else’s truth for you.


… whether it’s your friend, your spouse, your parents, your manager, or even your coach!

Yes, even your coach! That’s right!

Oh, shocker, your coach cannot tell you what you should do with your work and life??!!

NO, and they should not

Unless you want to stay disempowered and lost by expecting others to tell you what to do.

A good coach:

  • guides you to re-access your own inner knowing and trust your own answers.
  • gives you powerful tools and guidance to do that.
  • shows you when you are listening or not listening to your own inner guidance. So that long term, you are empowered to do that by yourself.

This is what I do with my clients.

So, let me ask you this:

  • Do you know how to access your own inner guidance?
  • Are you allowing yourself to dream

Take the time to ponder that right now.

It is SO important in all areas of your life.

This is the PREREQUISITE to doing the Work you absolutely love and having the life of your dreams.

Until you can access your inner guidance and allow yourself to dream, you won’t be able to find work you truly truly love. 

It starts from INSIDE, not outside.

Watch one of my most popular 4-min video below to hear more about how to allow yourself to dream.

To you finding your OWN TRUTH and allowing yourself to dream!

This is my deepest desire for you.


P.S. Comment below and let me know what you are discovering. I want to hear and cheer you on! 

He landed his dream career and invited me to attend his celebration party!

He landed his dream career and invited me to attend his celebration party!

“I thought you would like to know that I have landed finally, and the outcome is fantastic.”

Woohooo!! What a joy to receive this email! (see the full email below)

Every month, I teach my highly acclaimed workshop Career Shift: Find Work You Love at General Assembly in downtown San Francisco.

I’ve taught it now 40+ times for 4 years to 600+ students. 


Realizing that I’ve impacted hundreds of people through this class means a lot!

I often receive emails, notes, and words from my students about the transformational impact the exercises we do in the class have had on their career trajectory.

Last week, I received an email that made me really happy.

I want to share it with you to inspire you and to help you see what is possible for you or for the people in your life.

One of the attendees of my August class landed EXACTLY the work that he visualized during one of the exercises we did during the evening.

See his email below (posted and anonymized with his permission)

He even invited me to attend his celebration party! How fun!


“Hi Isabelle,

I thought you would like to know that I have landed finally, and the outcome is fantastic. And you will be excited to hear that I basically landed in exactly the kind of place where my “flow” exercise guided me, despite all my doubts that it would materialize as such.

I will be working on microsatellites at […] starting this week! I’m looking forward to getting back into space systems engineering, biking to the office, and experiencing the thrill of startup life. It seems like a really great fit for me with lots of potential. No dogs are allowed in the office, but everything else sounds amazing. 😀

Thanks again for being on my team, and reminding me that good career outcomes are possible too.

Hope things are well with you!



Know that this is possible for you too or for people in your life (relatives, friends, coworkers).


What is one step you are going to take before the end of the year towards the career of your dreams? 

2019 is around the corner.

How would that feel to start 2019 knowing that you are actively taking steps toward the work you love?


P.S. If you are already doing the work you love, please do me a favor and share this email with people you know who need this inspiration and reminder. I bet you know people who would benefit from some inspiration.